Terms and Conditions

Pro Essay Help is a company, that provides scholarly writing services. Website ProEssayHelp.co.uk is used for connection with customers, concluding contracts, and giving services properly.

This particular Terms and Conditions, as well as Privacy policy, has an established terminology. All following words possess only one meaning, given in this section, and cannot be y taken out of context or interpreted in any other way except for further meanings:

  • “Company” “Website” “We”, “Our”, all variations and plurals forms of these words refer to the Pro Essay Help company and ProEssayHelp.co.uk website
  • “Client”, “Customer”, ”User”, ”You”, ”Your” and all grammatic alterations mean you and other visitors of our website, as well as people who use its services

All variants of given words used depending on the language norms, such as grammar rules, context, and other factors can be regarded as equivalents and thus, have the same meaning.

The access to the website requires tolerance and compliance of terms and conditions listed below. Before turning to the services of Pro Essay Help, please read and allow them.

Users who disagree with the rules or some parts of it and refuse to maintain them for any reason must leave the website immediately.

User’s Responsibility

Using Pro Essay Help requires responsibility not only from our side but from clients. Only giving us the appropriate information and using services with clear intention, the customer can be sure of keeping obligations concerning his/her rights.

Turning to our services, users automatically declare that:

  1. All personal data you present during the process of creating an account, making the order or keeping in touch with employees, is correct and clear
  2. You can confirm and prove the accuracy of the given information if it will be necessary
  3. You are of age and have the right to enter into legal relations, connected with buying and selling products or services. You are solvent and responsible for your personal finances.
  4. Use of our services will not contradict the legislation of your country of residence, any restrictions, imposed on you personally, or on the offered assistance in general, as well as break the rules of your college, school, or any educational institution you study in for the present moment.

Pro Essay Help reserves the right to delete or block users’ personal accounts, in case they are younger than 18 years old, violate the given rules, or present any sort of incorrect information about their personalities.

Assistance Provided

In case you accept all rules and requirements given in the terms and conditions, Pro Essay Help gives you the service in professional writing. The mechanism of our job:

  • The client fills in the order form and sends it to the server;
  • Pro Essay Help company choose the matching authors with required specialization;
  • The process of writing depends on demanded terms and particularities of the task;
  • The customer gets his/her paper on schedule, downloads it, or requests to make the edit at no charge.

You can offer academic papers, essays, articles, and other sorts of written jobs. All works are done in accordance with either general rules, specific demands of the UK educational institutions, and study systems. The authors may rewrite, combine, and edit the papers that already exist, keep the percentage of plagiarism on the appropriate level. Works with too high percentage will be evaluated in a specific way and must be stipulated individually.

The established form of writing is established to guarantee fair and equal services:

  • Font: Times New Roman, 12 sized
  • Spacing: double (if the client demands single spacing, the payment for it is be double-sized)
  • Separate pages with bibliography, title page and content are free and will not be counted when paying
  • Format: Microsoft Word (any version)
  • Words on the page: nearly 250 depending on the length
  • Page Margin: top, bottom, left and right are 1-inch

While counting the number of pages, we take into account only pages filled by the text. The title page, content, and reference page are complimentary. In the process of writing our authors choose the sources for research themselves. It can be books, magazines, newspapers, websites, interviews, online official materials, and statistics, etc. The customer cannot determine particular materials to use.

Order Process

All information you present while making the order must be truthful and detailed. If some parts of it are untrue or inaccurate, the company has a right to refuse it and imposed necessary sanctions concerning users’ accounts. You take full responsibility for any delays and misunderstandings, caused by false information, you sent to the server. From our side, we carefully learn all the applications and take all possible means to connect with customers and discuss the details of the order.

Keep in mind that you have to confirm all data before the expert gets down to writing. If necessary, we may ask you to prove it with the help of related documents.

If your order is not full and you haven’t mentioned all the details, it can be banned or postponed until you add the missing parts. It this case the company cannot guarantee to keep all instructions. If you need to give additional instructions when the order is already taken, the writer has a right to refuse. In any case, you have to pay extra for all inclusions.


All payments must be performed after the reception. If the transaction is banned, or the payment is not clear for any other reason, the services are cut off from the customer. All transactions do not include local or bank taxes and fees. You are responsible for paying such taxes and fees and confirm it during forming the application. If the customer refused to make such payment, the services will be cut off. Pro Essay Help care of law enforcement and clear transactions and asks the client for the same attitude.

In case the client uses the stolen card, false document or we catch you in any kind of fraud, your account will be deleted immediately, you lose rights in using Pro Essay Help’s services and relevant authorities will be informed immediately. We work with phone and card providers and possess all possibilities to check the validity of operations processed on the website.

A refund of financial means is available for every client in case he/she is dissatisfied with the given services. For this, you must approve that you abandon the rights on the given paper and will not use it in any educational institution. You also enable using this paper in further work of the company and giving it to another customer with edits or untouched.

The prices for services can be changed at any moment without informing clients personally. However, they will be published on the official website in the “Prices” section, available for every user.

Special Offers and Discounts

We care about providing the best possible services for our clients and establishes a reasonable value for money. For this, we introduce a system of discounts either for loyal clients and new ones. Pro Essay Help can independently specify the details and terms of offers. All discounts will be published and explained in details on the official website ProEssayHelp.co.uk

Money Refund

The company can refund an amount of service’s price in specific cases and only according to the Terms and Condition, mentioned on this page.

The terms for refund are further:

  • 14 days for papers less than 20 pages;
  • 20 days for works with the volume of more than 20 pages;
  • Individual terms with 180 days maximum for complicated tasks with a large volume (thesis, dissertation).

The period lasts from the day you received the order till the last day of the term inclusively. If you are not contented with the provided work, the services, or some parts of it contradict original conditions, you have a right to apply for a refund in the mentioned term. All demands after this period will be rejected.

If you cancel the order in the process of work, we can not grant you a 100% refund. In any event, you will get from 30% to 100% refund.

We consider each precedent separately and choose the sum of refund according to such factors:

  • Terms of implementation;
  • Date of refund application;
  • Paper volume;
  • The difficulty of the job;
  • Reasons for refund.

In specific situations, especially when the reason is plagiarism percentage, we possess a right to ask you for the evidence. It may be a review from your professor or the official plagiarism report from your educational institution. If you have grounded reasons to demand a refund, we will send your request to the relevant department. Authorized persons, well-aware of rules of website and order conditions, will consider the amount of refund or suggest you needed correction according to the complaints. Such demands have to be sent in the established period, or they will be ignored.

Reexamination and Editing

If you are not satisfied with the result, you can demand a reconsideration at no charge in the nearest 14 days. The term may be extended to 20-30 days depending on the size and difficulty of the particular paper. The period begins on the day you receive your order and ends on the last day of the established period inclusively. Applies for reconsideration, sent upon the expiration of the term, will not be accepted or will be considered as a separate order with extra cost. If you proved the plagiarism in the paper, we can extend the term individually.

We accept that all papers have different volumes and complexity. That is why you cannot analyze it and find possible errors immediately. Moreover, the antiplagiarism check may be done only before the defense of the job. As a company, oriented on the result and long-term relations with the customer, Pro Essay Help is always coming towards clients. We can review the term of reconsideration for you in special cases and extend it if necessary.

If there is no request for reconsideration during the offered period, the company considers the order completed and the client contented with the result. This way, there are no additional procedures to be made, except for additional or brand new orders.

The reasons for the request are the following:

  • The paper does not meet all requirements, mentioned by you in the order form.
  • The percentage of the plagiarism is higher than it was stipulated in the original document.

If you have noticed at least one of the reasons, you can request the edit immediately for free. For this, leave the application. We will contact you as fast as possible to discuss the details and fix the mistakes.

Every observation must be based on the original agreement between the user and Pro Essay Help. On the assumption you have conditions to be introduced in the paper, that have not been mentioned initially, they will be considered as the new order and you will pay for it separately.

Loyalty Program

To encourage our regular customers, Pro Essay Help has created a loyalty program. Each currency unit (USD/EUR/GBP) you spent on previous work is equal to 1 point. You will receive back 10% from each new order according to the number of points you have. The points are fixed by your personal account on the website and can be used only for the next orders. You cannot demand a money refund equivalent to your points.

We save points on your account for 9 months since the moment of the last order. All orders made from your account during this period of time will be evaluated based on the number of points. At the end of the terms, we delete all the points irrevocably. You will be informed about that 1 month before the expiration.

If you use the promo code, the number of points will be calculated without the sum of the discount.


To provide quality services and protect ourselves from the fraud, we may ask you to prove your personality and other data you have mentioned in the process of creating an account or making the order. By accepting the terms and conditions of Pro Essay Help, you allow us to request any sort of evidence. You are responsible for giving true information and maintain the legislation of your country of residence, as well as the company’s rules.

Requests may be connected with the following purposes:

  • Confirm your personality to be sure you are of age and can use such services.
  • Check of creditworthiness and responsibility for your personal finances.

To accelerate the affirmation, please mention your working phone number and real E-Mail. Be sure that all data is secured and used only for connecting with customers.

Making the order on Pro Essay Help, you allow us to use your personal information in order to process the application and provide accurate services. You can learn the specifics of the personal data use in our Privacy Policy.

Limitation of liability

Pro Essay Help does not hold responsibility for such factors:

  • Point for the paper at your college/school;
  • Provision of resources on which the work is based;
  • For a further application of this paper;
  • Any damage to your computer or other devices and their software, caused by using ProEssayHelp.co.uk; we cannot guarantee full security on the Internet as well as the absolute safety of particular websites. We have not any intentions to undermine you and take all possible means to prevent it.

Authors' rights

With the given paper you get the intellectual property rights, regulated by your State’s domestic legislation. It is devoted only to personal use. You cannot copy, sell, and license it without our previous agreement.

You use the work in the ways, mentioned in the present terms in condition.


To prove the high quality of our services, we publish the reviews from our clients on the official website and mention their names and initials. This way, if you use the services of the company, you allow us to mention your name and feedback on the ProEssayHelp.co.uk website.

If you need to delete the review or hide your name for some reason, please contact us.

Possible Changes

Pro Essay Help has a right to make adjustments to present terms and conditions. Using our website, you automatically accept them. That is why we recommend you to check and reread this page regularly.