Privacy Policy

Pro Essay Help (“company”, “we”, “us”) operates (“website). The company tends to maintain the legislation on collecting, saving, and using and processing personal data. This page is created to inform you about our principals and prove the reliability of the given service.

The company never aims to use our clients’ data for our advantage and for the purposes, which cannot be accounted for the original objective, as well as get any information from underaged people.

The company highly appreciates our customers’ decision to stay anonymous and preserve the confidentiality of their personal information, given on the website. The document explains methods and specificities, with the help of which we keep the main security rules. We understand that safety in the webspace requires the newest technologies of inscription, the integrity of our employees, and regular updating in accordance with today’s realities.

We guarantee the development of the policy in conformity with customers’ needs and world tendencies.

2. Bilateral Obligations

2.1 Pro Essay Help’s Answerability

In case a visitor uses the website’s services and input any sort of information, the company gets access to handle and process the given data. Using Pro Essay Help as a customer, the user gives permission for this. Nevertheless, we maintain strict rules and establish the reason and rights for it, set out on this particular page.

2.2 User’s Responsibility

Before cutting a deal, please consult with the given policy thoroughly. Turn to any kind of suggested offers, only if you fully agree and allow us to use the information in the mentioned ways. Be sure that all information will be processed as stated in the document. The only purpose for picking data is trusting relations and the implementation of safety regulations.

3. Materials Collection and Apply

3.1 Data We Have Access To

While making an order or creating an account on the site, we ask users to enter some information to confirm personality and give us the opportunity to contact them, using contact information, presented by the customer, and provide the required service in the best possible way. In addition to the name and surname, we may need the following details:

  • Contact information (E-Mail address or phone number)
  • Details about you as an Internet user, what is called “Log Data”. It includes: IP-address; browser you use, its type and version; login and password on the present Website and your displacement here – what pages you visit and how long you read them; your approximate disposition (country, city) and time belt;
  • Date of Birth
  • Use of the specific pages on our website: pages address, sections and block you use; how much time are spent at a particular part and what operation was made – orders, clicks; possible errors.

3.2 Why Do We Need It?

All sorts of information we know about the clients are used in order to provide high-quality service, define your needs, and possible ways for development.

It includes such reasons as:

  • Customers’ security
  • Communication between our team and visitors
  • Methods of improvement
  • To maintain the website’s work and develop usability

We never share such data with third parties without users' agreement and make all possible efforts to keep it safe from the unfair application.

3.3 How Does It Work?

All information is picked in a process of website use, specifically these episodes:

  • The user visits the website
  • Data entry in a process of filling the application or creating an account
  • Our team contact you to confirm the operation
  • E-Mail distribution
  • Use of online support chat
  • Signing-up for subscription, discounts and other offers

3.4 How Do We Use Your Personal Information

Pro Essay help has the right to pick users’ information. We store and process it in the European Economic Area. This way, the protection is controlled by European laws, which grants the highest level and the implementation of the newest technologies.

In addition to this, the data may be transferred to either European countries and those who do not belong to EEA. All employees, responsible for the work are controlled by the documents and contracts, which prohibit any dissemination.

No third person is given access to the procedure. Any risks of the leak are taken into account and are minimum with the help of a careful job of the company.

3.5 Dates and Terms

The company possesses the right to store private information within 6 years. After the expiration, it will be deleted from the database.

4. Consumer Rights

Every user can refuse to give the information and continue using the website. For this, we suggest to allow Cookies in the browser or, on the contrary, turn them off. He/she will have access to page view and offered activities, but some functions will be inaccessible. The order and registration are impossible without personal data.

There is a list of other users’ rights, carefully keeping in all spheres of website functioning:

4.1 User Can Demand Information About:

  • What types of data are taken and how do we use it;
  • Who, in addition to the company, have the access;
  • How long do we keep the data and what happens with it during this period of time;
  • All rights and responsibilities concerning the policy.

4.2 Any Incorrect Data Can Be Fixed by the Service.

4.3 The user may choose the way of using his/her information. As an example, Pro Essay Help will not subscribe to E-Mail distribution without consumer’s consent.

4.4 User may require a copy of gathered information in order to put it into another website

4.5 The user can as the company to delete his/her data if necessary. In this case, data will be blank out immediately and will not be stored in any database.

4.6 If the user suspects the improper use of importation , he\she may leave a complaint which will be examined by the authorized person.

All required option will be delivered in 30 days or fewer if necessary.

5. Ways of Ensuring Security

Pro Essay Help keeps the necessary rules for protecting clients’ data from inappropriate use. For this, we concluded the strict agreements with partners and support services. According to them, all transferred data is protected by the reliable encrypted means and accessible only to the staff, responsible for collecting and working with information.

We have also developed our own security system and improve it, basing on previous experience and tendencies on the cyber security market. We cannot promise 100% safeness on the Internet because of other factors, which are out of our control. Nevertheless, we took possible measures on our part.

The clients, on their hand, are in the full responsibility for their login and password.

6. Mechanism of Data Gathering

The principles of data utilizing, described in the privacy policy, were developed to provide maximum protection of personal information. We use our database only in describes the situation and follow the strict rules of safety.

To pick the data, we use cookies – files sent from the website to the user’s personal computer or other devices. There are four types of them:

6.1 Strictly necessary cookies – files, important for website functioning. They are responsible for site launching and the correct work of all activities. They do not identify users and cannot collect personal data. Users can refuse to use them, but in such cases, we do not guarantee the proper work and operations.

6.2 Cookies import for site developers – those show, what users visit a service, how much time they spend on particular pages and what activities take place; this way we care of quality and usability;

6.3 Analytical cookies – files that analyze the success of advertising and gather personal information for this purpose; all data is anonymous and is used only for statistics and ads improvement.

6.4 Cookies, connected with advertising help to inspect users’ activity concerning banners, video, and external links; this way we offer only matching ads, based on clients’ interests.

6.5 Technical cookies are used to pick personal data, websites’ URLs, requested pages, clickstream, and other indicators.

Every user may block cookies, as well as configure some of them, and this way bound the website from gathering data. We cannot predict how the site will function in such a condition, and always ask our clients for cookies permission.

If you have questions or comments concerning Pro Essay Help’s privacy policy, please contact us. 24/07 online support will consult you at any problems.