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Who Am I Essay: How to Improve Your Personality with Academic Writing

11 June 2021 0 comment
who am i essay

Applying for a new job or passing college exams, you may be asked to write Who Am I essay. Since it is an eternal question for humanity, the job is pretty complicated.

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However, decided to work on your own, you are to know the rules and understand what is demanded. Some students look for who am I essay example to rewrite it, replacing facts with their biography. In truth, this way you get a resume or CV, but not a creative composition. Writing about yourself, you should express your personality and find an unusual approach.

See how to manage the task and what the examiner expects from you.

Who I Am Essay Ideas

The topic itself is too wide. We can describe ourselves from a different perspective and tell many stories. But when it comes to a certain narration, one feels confused. That is how you can build your story:

  • Describe the Trouble and Its Solution

That is the basic principle of every story – the hero meets some problems, fights against them, and reach success. From fairy tales to life coach books, the conception always worked perfectly.

Remember hard issues at your previous work or college life, when you emerged victoriously. Start from the magnitude of the problem and explain how important it was for you. Remember what qualities and skills led you to a solution.

  • Achievements

School competitions don’t count here. Be serious and remember when you felt proud of yourself. Did you win the scholarship? Obtained a good job though the hard rival? Present any case from your life, which can be considered successful. Do not brag, but show genuine joy and pride. Tell how you reached the goals and what helped you.

  • Doubts and Determination

The best way to present yourself as a person in the who are you 200 or 700 word essay is to show your feelings. Surely, you needn’t overdo with emotional problems. Just demonstrate the case when you felt uncertain or had feared. For example, you couldn’t choose between two professions or passed the interview in several companies. Say what stopped from the decision and how you overcame it. For example, you were driven by the noble mission, the will to help your family or grow as an expert in some sphere.

  • Radical Changes

Our lifestyle is an indicator of the inner world and positive changes. Some people are brave enough to change their profession, move to another country, or make the mid-career switch. It is not appropriate for everyone, but if such events took place in your life, tell about them. It’s not only a compelling story. It is an illustration of your growth.

  • Show Yourself

We all behave differently under stress. Some people feel bound, while others show their best qualities. Remember when the problem demanded fast and extraordinary actions. It can be a case from your job or college life: burning deadlines, a job with a creative approach, mistake to fix, etc. Describe your feeling at that moment and what made you behave differently. This way you can prove that you are a reliable person and have experience in making hard decisions.

who am i essay sample

Avoid These Mistakes in “Who I Am” Essay Writing

  • Disadvantaging Yourself

Surely, you shouldn’t brag. But demonstrating weaknesses isn’t a much better idea. We all have negative sides and worry about them. But now your purpose is to present yourself. Decorate your biography and find words to establish yourself. As in the leadership essay, you should mention not only strong sides but show some disadvantages.

You may write about some inner issues when you felt bad, but just to show the process of self-development. For example, you had a negative trait that interfered with your job. With the help of will-power, you’ve learned how to manage it and become a better version of yourself.

  • Statement of Facts

There are plenty of “Who am I” essay examples over the Internet. Usually, they look like a list of facts about the person: school achievements, college life, and other information from your biography. Do not retell your resume – if the employer or examiner wanted to get this data, why would they ask you to write a composition?

Be creative, emphasize things you consider to be important. Express your self through the paper.

  • Share Secrets and Fears

Honesty and vulnerability are not the same things. Telling about your life, do not go into extremes. Show issue you are ready to share without much stress – after all, no one will check the truthfulness of your story. If you feel bad about some feelings or events, leave them private. Remember that it is only a college task, just like any other text you’ve ever completed. Find interesting information and tell it excitingly. Examiner is not a psychologist.

  • Philosophy and Religion

Do not mix your views and identity. You present your particularities and achievements, which doesn’t require deep analysis. We live in a modern world, where anyone has the right of choosing religion and values. No matter how much they influenced you, keep these convictions to yourself. Essays about who you are aren’t a political speech – no matter how deep your thoughts are, leave them for a better occasion. Surely you have something else to tell about your life.

  • Non-Issues    

You may be a well-diversified person with many hobbies. In the 21st century, people rarely focus only on their profession and always try something new. No doubt, it is a good quality that strengthens your character.

But do not devote your paper to events of the past, or things that don’t directly influence you as a worker/student. Sport events, school competitions, and hobby skills should be appreciated, but not this time. Pick something concerning your expertness.

On the other hand, you can mention how versatile you are. Make a short paragraph about it. Don’t go into details, but tell that you’ve always been interested in many spheres and have a lot of soft-skills, which influenced your personality.

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Back to Basics: Common Rules for Essay Writing

Even though you were told to use a creative approach, don’t forget about the basics. As any other work, Who Am I paper includes an introduction, body, and conclusion. See how to allocate the information:

  • Introduction

Give the common idea of personal identity. It can be a historical background or popular opinion. Then, provide a thesis concerning your personality. For example, focus on some quality:

“The question of our identity bothered humanity over the centuries. We all reflect on the purpose of our lives. Surely, I can’t give the complete answer on this matter, but sometimes I think about who I am in this world. I consider myself an unusual person with rich experience.”

  • Body

Here you give the arguments to prove the thesis. If you decided to describe your trait or experience, find two or three situations when you behave accordingly.

“Once, I’ve met a hard situation at my first job. … Using an extraordinary approach, I’ve managed it while everybody felt confused. It shows how my behavior changes under the stress”

  • Conclusion

It usually serves as an outcome for the whole text. Remind your thesis and show that now it is proved.

who am i essay paper

Top Tips for Impressive Essays

As a bonus, we’ve gathered the secrets for creative writing. Using them, you’ll impress the reader and make your paper catchy. Establishing the right impact is especially important while applying for the job, or participating in the competition. Your text should differ from others.

  • Be Honest

Simple, but efficient approach. People always feel honesty, even in the written task. You needn’t show weak points and vulnerabilities. Every truth can be decorated with the right arguments and examples.

You only should express sincere emotions concerning the topic. For example, telling about college life, show that you were interested in the projects you’ve made. Even solving troubles and fighting with doubts, you can be passionate about the victory.

  • Tell the Story

Leave reflections for private conversations with close people. Now you need to attract the audience. Put yourself into their place and decide what would be interesting to read. Draw their attention with an exciting story from your life.

There is no need for special talent. You needn’t be the writer to describe an interesting situation. Just feel passionate and use the details to make it lively.

  • Use Creative Approach

Usually, we are limited by the number of symbols and a strict structure. But not this time. It is the perfect opportunity to try a new approach to writing. Use different styles, be closer to readers, and speak to them. You can use the rhetorical figure and put more personal opinions.

Surely, you still are to maintain the common rules and avoid the total flight of fantasy. The text should be easy to understand, but extraordinary and catchy.

  • Find New Sides or Personality

Teachers and employers are aware of your biography and main points in the career. Instead of retelling them, open the new sides of your identity. Give them the idea of who you are and what difficulties you’ve already passed to become yourself.

  • Tell About Future

Do not limit yourself by the previous events. Write the paragraph about your plans for the future. It inspires the audience and sparks their interest. Moreover, you prove yourself as a responsible person that has a strategy. Your confidence and foresight will be appreciated.

Writing about yourself seems easy from the first view – you don’t need any facts and researches for this. But in truth, all personal topics demand reflection and a deep understanding of your character. To manage it faster and without effort, you can trust professional writers. Send some facts you’d like to include, explain the requirements and the job will be ready as soon as possible.

Anyway, you can deal with it by yourself. Just take yourself time and relax – it is the best way to make your best in creative projects. You can also borrow some ideas in this article, adapting them to your situation.


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