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What Makes America Great: How to Write a Patriotic Essay?

11 June 2021 0 comment
American flag essay writing

Students in the US are often given a task to write essays about America. The purpose of it is to raise the patriotic feelings and awareness of the national values.

Paradoxically, living in a land of liberty and social justice, some students find hard writing about their strengths. If you have always taken your life conditions for granted, how to highlight the separate advantages of living in the US? Moreover, those who have never visited other countries cannot evaluate what the main features of life in their motherland and time to time use best essay service to cope with such a task.

To get the fresh ideas on “What makes America so great” essay, learn the fundamental values of its nation, and tips on how to introduce it into your composition.

#1 Liberty and Freedom

The country itself is based on the ideas of liberty and justice, which gave birth to its people the national idea and inspired them to build a new world themselves. People here have the full right to improve their personalities, get all the necessary information, and share their thoughts. They are connected grace to freedom.

What is more, such rights make other nations seek decent conditions of life. Millions of travelers, who visit the US, see happy people with inalienable rights.

That is what Lyla Baker, a winner of the contest of essay writing, tells on this matter:

When freedom and liberty are achieved, the result is a change in one’s perspective on the world and themselves. The Statue of Liberty … was a sign for all to see a simple idea: We are free.

Talking about this aspect in your paper, you explain the basis of American society and get straight to the point.

#2 People’s Nation

Obviously, we do have trouble. None of the countries can avoid crises, wars, political and social troubles. But every time the public found the strength to build a new country for a good life. public

This way you can say that America is a state of the nation – a union of free citizens with their dreams and goals. Our prosperity is based on tireless work and the strong morals of those who care about their motherland. The public in their diversity and uniqueness is a symbol of America’s history.

#3 Opportunities

The USA is worldwide known as “The Land of Opportunity”. Indeed, when Europe and poor countries were suffering from poverty and need, the USA opened the doors who those who can work and wants to build their future. We got used to the fact that a talented and hard-working people will find its place in the world. While the lazy ones end up with nothing – a simple moral. In truth, it is not so everywhere. In many other states, even the best worker may stay no one because of circumstances and the lack of offers.

America has always given possibilities for its inhabitants. From the very childhood, you visit a kindergarten and go to school. Everyone can enter college or university, which is another point of pride. Students from all over the world come here to study the newest knowledge and achieve essential skills in the world’s best educational institutions.

After all, the number of possible jobs and opportunities for promotion are wider than anywhere – such opportunities encourage workers to do their best and get the achieved reward.

essay on America

#4 Support

It concerns both the government and the public. The state always helps people in areas, suffered from natural disasters, social conflicts, or poverty. It provides food, necessities and temporary accommodation, which is a great support, absent in many other countries.

Ordinary people also show generosity and kindness to help each other in hard times. Local charities collect money for needy, school, colleges, and job communities are always ready to help its members, even the neighbors keep in touch with each other. They spend their resources – time, money, and energy to maintain general wellness.

Talking about politics, the strategy of the US astonishes by its foresight – as opposed to other countries, America never asks for reparations after the wars. Usually, a losing country pays to a victor, but not in this case. On the contrary, The USA does everything possible to renovate the territory after the bloodshed. The key to such an approach is the purpose of all conducted conflicts – we fight for peace and justice in the world.

#5 Democracy

Probably, it is the first line in all essays on America – the principles of free choice and social justice are the fundamental values of the nation.

All Americans are free to vote and participate in the social life of their state and the country. All processes in the US occurs according to the choice of its population and the ideas of equality and tolerance. We do everything possible to defend the rights of national, religious, and sexual minorities.

why america is great essay example

Each person feels the respect for his or her rights and duties, which is a key to welfare.

#6 Science and Education

Writing a 5-paragraph essay on why America is great, you cannot ignore the matter of science. The best universities, laboratories, and research centers are located here, grace to which, the best scientists and young researchers come here to work and study. Together they develop the newest technologies and create amazing innovations.

Nowadays the USA is the leader on the market of technologies, science, and the health care sector – nothing to say about the economy, prospering with the help of such achievements. All experts now are sure that the future is with science, that’s why our state will keep its leadership in the world for many years.

Still, some people consider Americans the society of capitalists, ready to kill each other for personal gain. But our economy, politics, and social life prove, that America is a great nation with high hopes and opportunities. It is a place, where people and the government respect each other’s rights and duties and work together in a prosperous future.


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