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How Do You Start Off a Reflective Essay

14 December 2021 2 comments
how to start a reflective essay

We were all at those very moments when we needed to write a properly crafted reflective essay. However, the problem is, you have no idea where to start. How exactly the reflective essay does differ from other types of essays?

Anyway, a great reflective essay can be created in many different ways. Merely one of the most difficult parts of essay writing isn’t simply knowing where to start. However, before you begin it is important to keep in mind what exactly a reflective essay is. In short, a reflective essay is a type of writing that conveys the opinion of the author. It allows the author to explain their own thoughts or feelings about a certain subject rather than simply laying out the facts.

It is also essential, when you look back, don’t just concentrate on it in isolation; you need to take a metaphorical step backward, so you can see it in the context of other events and other learning. It is necessary to choose the proper words and phrases while reflecting your thoughts and showing what you feel. Plus, you should identify your writing style to make your content clearer, readable, and positive. Nevertheless, be honest, if you have something negative – mention it as well.

reflective essays examples

Essays on Reflective Practice in Nursing

Nursing assignments help experts define reflective essay nursing as an invaluable tool in professional nursing practice. Also, in practice-based learning. Nursing reflective essay examples have three main purposes:

  • The first is to understand where the components of professional nursing practice are.
  • The second is to relate those components with the series that come under the field of nursing.
  • The third purpose enables the student nurse to focus on the areas of improvement and devise out an action plan to rectify the same.

Therefore, Gibbs reflection model is deeply connected with the nursing reflective essay. Though, there are several models which are used in nursing reflections, the most commonly used model is Gibbs reflective cycle example essay nursing due to the following reasons:

  1. After using this model people used to learn from their own experience. They do understand their experience. And what the response to the situation was.
  2. Students consciously reflect on how they can do better next time. In this section, the steps taken are realized and the actions are evaluated.
  3. Learners also come up with the action plan for the future wherein they would rectify the mistakes that they made in a current scenario.

Examples of reflective essays in nursing using gibbs model and have an important aspect for nurses to follow. It is aimed to help them to enhance the development of nursing practice. Moreover, it teaches them to provide better care to their patients. Sometimes, examples of reflective essays in nursing can include difficult situations and people are willing to know how to cope with them.

Therefore, reflective essay examples of nursing provide examples of overcoming barriers of negative attitude and lack of understanding. That, in turn, will give a hand in achieving success and positive outcomes. Another common thing in the nursing placement reflective essay is that reflection facilitates coping with emotional trauma and enables improvement.

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Gibbs Reflective Cycle Essays

Reflective practice has been shown to close the gap between practice and theory, thereby improving the quality of care. People critically think about the actions and experiences to learn what they will do better in the future. Your experiences have shaped who you are, but to grow as a person’s experience alone is not enough. You need to learn from those nursing essay examples to get better at that point.

As you already know how gibbs reflective cycle example essay connected with a reflective essay, and why students choose it. You have to know how it works and what steps are involved in it. Mainly the essays Gibbs reflective model are to talk about the challenges which the nurses are facing in providing care to the patients and how they will mitigate it the next time in future interventions. There are some main steps involved examples of Gibbs reflective essays in nursing:

  1. Description. Here the nurse describes the case scenario, health conditions, and the problems the patient has been diagnosed with.
  2. Feeling or thoughts. In the next step, we have to talk about the person’s feeling, who is dealing with the case. For instance, whether the nurse is confident or anxious
  3. Evaluation.  The student has to evaluate the false which they might have come across during the intervention. In addition, they evaluate their feelings.
  4. Analysis. The next step is to analyze the strategies which they need to take mitigating the false which they have previously evaluated. Using these strategies the student nurse would come up with the improvement plan. 
  5. Conclusion. After the students have learned and analyzed the strategy, the next thing is to conclude and highlight the main learning from this involvement. So, the conclusion serves as a summary and reflection.
  6. Action plan. This is the final step in Gibbs reflection model. After concluding the main findings from the reflective model. The students know the final devices and an action plan. Where they will talk about how they will implement the necessary changes. Also, they would recommend some interference which they feel could have more impact on the current situation. They would state about the areas of improvement and how they can work to improve the issue in the future.

Personal Reflective Essay Example 

All types of essays play a sufficient role in our lives. Crafting your masterpiece is designed to help you explore the flexibility and power of the personal essay in your writing. But, reflective essays are the acid test on people’s experience.

Writing a reflective essay can make someone tick for increasing their professional skills. Such as self-reflective essay examples, nursing reflective essay examples, where you can step back and scrutinize your experiences. In order to separate out what may be fresh, powerful, surprising, or fascinating.

It was said that reflection has a great application in nursing reflective essay examples. It allows analyzing past experiences and actions. It, also, helps facilitate learning, improvement, and development in free nursing reflective essays.

Additionally, it gives aid in overcoming barriers and providing better care to the patients. Helpful examples and sample essays are going to transcend your writing into powerfully universal. Just be persistent, confident, professional, and result-oriented. By the end of the day, it will become your all-time favorite essay.


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