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How to Write Racism Essay and Stay Rational?

14 December 2021 0 comment
essay on racism

Nobody was left emotionless after the events of spring 2020. Black Lives Matter Movement and bright examples of social injustice in the US made people think about hard issues. As it usually occurs, many students were asked to write essays on racism to analyze the situation.

The task itself is complicated – some topics seem too painful to talk about, although it is essential. To facilitate the pressure, you may address to the support of professional writers. Maintaining your style and the range of knowledge, they will complete the task in a few hours.

However, if you decided to manage it by yourself, make a good preparation, and make the best out of it. No idea where to begin? See the ultimate guide to accomplish the text as easily as possible.

Narrow the Issue

Needless to say, an essay on racism and discrimination is a wide theme. It is given to allow you to choose the hint and the particularities of your composition.

To determine what your text will be about, ask yourself a few questions concerning tolerance, injustice, and crime to make your position clear.

  • What do you feel while seeing the incidents of racism?
  • What would you tell people, badly informed about the problem?
  • Do you remember some examples of bigotry from your own life?

All forms and accidents of racism are awful and cruel, and there is a lot to tell about every one of them, but try to stop at the most relatable for you. You can talk about online bullying based on nationality, economic situations in which the dominant race feels wealthy, or historical events in your country.

Make a Research on Race Discrimination

Put emotions into your story is a good idea to be more involved and impress other readers. However, serious topics require the matching approach. Using concrete data and examples, you become more aware of the issue and make other people trust you. Being fact-based is the only way to compose a good argumentative essay about racism in America. Remember that you write for the purpose – in this case, your goal should be to introduce the problem and persuade people in the importance of solving it. The best way for it is to be reasonable.

Try historical facts, documents, or official statistics to inform readers of the magnitude of the problem. For example, describing the reasons for the Black Lives Matter movement, you can claim than the majority of victims from race-based crime were black people. It clearly explains the factors, led to today’s situation in the world. Fight for equity has a long story and reflects even on official databases.

Anyway, try not to describe the facts themselves. It makes no sense since everybody can google it. Using neutral information smartly, you can make the right conclusions and present them to your audience. It develops your analytical mindset and critical thinking.

race essay

Structure of Racism Essay

Let’s assume, you chose one of the racist essay topics. Today interest and knowledge are not enough though. Paper works are all about good structure – this factor shows your ability to express the opinion and your discipline. Neglecting the right order, you risk of being misunderstood or inaccurate. This formula will help you in arranging your plan:

  • Introduction

This part is the most basic, but still very important. Here you set the whole idea and introduce your intentions. Start with a few sentences concerning the necessity of the topic. Tell what influenced your choice and what is the place of the racism problem in the world.

Provide your thesis – in short, it is an idea you should prove during the whole work. That is why it has to be clear and straight. In the research paper, the goal may be to persuade readers in the actuality of the problem or prove the significance of the solution.

  • Body

It is the largest part that consists of one or two arguments and an example for each of them. Look at how it works.

Arguments are protecting your thesis. For example, if you’ve said that the discrimination problem is actual, provide the newest data concerning accidents of injustice.

Then, find an example. The best variant would be one social or historical event, and one case from your life. If you cannot remember one, replace it with things you’ve been told about on seen on the Internet.

  • Conclusion

Give a summary of what you’ve talked about to show that the thesis is proved. Rewrite it on other words and explain your attitude again.

Advice from Professional Writer

Here are some special tips to improve your work and get the best grade:

  • Interested in the work, we usually miss some grammar norms. Reread the text or, if it’s possible, use online checkers.
  • Stay neutral. For example, writing the leadership essay students may be too excited about the person they describe and become unobjective.
  • Adopt others’ experiences. You are forbidden to copy composition, but reading them to get some ideas is essential to become a good writer.
  • Don’t be wordy. Better write less, but make your text qualitative and easy-to-read.
  • Check the structure. Remember – it is the main criterion of your point. Check all elements, replace or add needed details.

Race discrimination essays are a good way to increase students’ awareness and change their surroundings. By talking on hot topics, you show an example of behavior and make the first step to action. However, feeling uncomfortable with the task, you can always rely on the experts.


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