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How to Write Essays on Racial Profiling

11 June 2021 0 comment
essays on racial profiling

The recent events that have been happening in 2020 are putting a high amount of stress on the worldwide population. COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, Beirut explosion, and many other large scale events are taking place, sadly. This raises the awareness level in every country out there. You will get to know how to write a successful racial profiling argumentative essay outline. The big word here is trying to be effective and writing a strong thesis.

Pros of Racial Profiling Essay: Why It Is Important to Write It

Over time, the black part of civilization began to gain more and more rights. They have reached a point where black and white are equal — and that’s how it is supposed to be. However, the different behavior and looks in people are prone to racism, and sadly this will remain an issue for a much longer time than we think it will. Maybe why racial profiling online is any good?

Speaking about this world related concern is a hard thing to achieve. Racism and races have always been a heavy topic to talk about, however, we can all agree that it’s needed. It’s not something that we can ignore due to the many reasons surrounding this widespread issue.

racial profiling argumentative essay template

Racial Profiling Essay Outline and Where to Start

To write a successful racial profiling essay you need to keep in mind a few very valuable points that will help you achieve your success. Include arguments for racial profiling, and arguments against racial profiling. Some of the points are absolutely required to cover in your text, while others are optional but will give you bonus points if you have them included. A successful racial profiling essay outline is considered the following.

Similarly to every essay that you write, a few major points must be covered in order to even consider your essay written properly.

#1 Proper Grammar Usage

Having great grammar knowledge is a must while writing an essay. You cannot expect to write a long essay, full of grammar mistakes, and have it taken seriously by others. The most common grammar mistakes should be avoided at all times.

No matter we are talking about “Who am I” essay or about racial profiling, if you are unsure about yourself, you can always double-check your text, even triple check, or get help from essay editing service. Adjust text where needed and avoid grammar mistakes at all costs — this is a major negative side which is the first thing the reader sees while going through your essay. If not, maybe you should try some racial profiling research papers.

#2 Exact Essay Title

Your title should not be misleading. There are organizations and websites that are full of misleading titles — this is made to attract people to click on the texts, also called ‘click-baiting’. This is a very bad habit if you aim at making your texts worth reading — once you have been considered a misleading title writer – it will be very hard to get out of those lists. You need to keep in mind the goal of racial profiling essay and show your thoughts to the reader.

#3 Proper Formatting

This is another of the rules that are a must for every well-written essay, regardless of the topic at all. The text should be neatly written with good formatting — including spaces, apostrophes, grammar, and incorrect words. Important aspects should be bold, italic, or underlined to be attractive to the reader.

Colors may also be used depending on the topic and style if they are deemed appropriate and depending on what goal the writer is trying to achieve to the person reading his texts. Headers and subheaders should be with a larger size or even a different font. The text body needs to be distinct and easy to understand and see. You might want to use a nice racial profiling argumentative essay template as well.

Topic Selection

While writing about racism, you’ll have to pick a topic you wish to cover — whether it be the recent riots, fights, or slavery and color discrimination issues. Pick a proper topic and make sure to write all information you can find about it, to make your text full.

This is the time to decide what kind of essay you wish to write. Do you want it to be informative, or personal opinion related? Some of the points you may cover are:

  • How do you feel about the recent riots?
  • What do you think about black people?
  • Do you think black and white people are treated equally?
  • What do you feel when you see a black or white person being discriminated against?
  • Do you think black and white people should have the same rights?

Those are five interesting to the reader topics that you can cover in your essay. However, be aware — you need to be extra sensitive when deciding what and how to write it – being too aggressive may actually turn your text racially improper, or even have hate brought against you. You need to keep a neutral stand on the topic in order to have it appealing both to white and black readers.


Those are the most important aspects that you need to keep in mind while writing a racism-related essay. As we already mentioned, following the basic general essay writing rules and keeping a neutral text direction will be the key to success.


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