Main Rules and Helpful Tips to Cite a Lecture

As a new academic year has just started, all the students make their resolutions and try to complete all the tasks. But what can make their ears and minds stay open during the whole year? Good experience of listening to the lectures as well as knowing how to cite lecture notes according to MLA, APA, Chicago Manual, and other standards.

How to Write Racism Essay and Stay Rational?

Nobody was left emotionless after the events of spring 2020. Black Lives Matter Movement and bright examples of social injustice in the US made people think about hard issues. As it usually occurs, many students were asked to write essays on racism to analyze the situation.

The task itself is complicated – some topics seem too painful to talk about, although it is essential. To facilitate the pressure, you may address to the support of professional writers. Maintaining your style and the range of knowledge, they will complete the task in a few hours.

Leadership Essay Writing: Important Things to Consider

Your leadership qualities might be of interest when you are doing a university application or a job application, or it might be your college assignment. Whatever it is, one aspect is changeless: it involves a lot of research on leadership and defining the concept for yourself. It is essential that you are able to reflect your personal understanding of leadership supported by real-life examples or historical evidence.

Perfect Explanatory Essay: Steps to Write and Common Mistakes to Avoid

While studying different subjects in school, college, or university you may pay attention that different events and statements we can appreciate from different sides. The same historical person could be a sensible leader for one and a cruel dictator for others. In this case, it’s important to divide students’ attitudes and real facts, data, valid ideas. This is the main goal of an explanatory essay. In this type of work, you should show your analytical thinking and the ability to build a clear reasoning line to represent the topic from particular sides. You have no idea how to do it? Keep calm! This article will help you to connect A to B.

How to Craft an Impressive 500 Word Essay

Were you assigned to create a 500 word essay? Do you feel this is a rather challenging task you are about to write? What if you have no idea what to include in it? It may seem daunting at first but learning the basic rules of crafting this type of paper and having a 500 word essay example at hand can help significantly and let you use your creativity. Let’s get some insight into the best tips on how to write a 500 word essay and turn this task into an opportunity to share your thoughts and get some academic practice.

All You Need to Know About 1000 Word Essay

College teachers like essays. You may notice it by the number of times you’ve been sitting in your room, trying to get the thought together. Indeed, this work organizes you and develop skills in expressing opinion – useful experience for any qualification.
In case you doubt about your 1000 word essay and have no strength to manage the task, turn to professional writers. It is easy – just leave the application and wait for the writer. However, there is no harm trying. Using the experts’ advice, take an attempt to create your masterpiece. With the right base, it is an easy matter.

How to Make an Essay Longer [5 Tips That Really Work]

One of the most significant components of a successful academic paper is its length. If you manage to write at least the minimum word and page count, it will look as if you’ve put a lot of effort and time into this process. Your professor will be glad to see that you’ve actually read the requirements and tried your best to follow them. It can be overwhelming to meet all the demands and create a compelling document. If you struggle with the word count, here are the best tips on how to make an essay look longer on Google docs.