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World Music Essay [Best Ideas]

14 December 2021 0 comment
music essay topics for high school students

One of the most interesting assignments for students is to compose an essay of music tastes. This is a broad subject that can be endlessly discussed. The main question here would be how to start and how to write a music essay that will be interesting and consuming for readers? What aspects of the theme might be the most arguable or questionable? To find answers, we have to speak about the structure, and main ideas point by point.

Essay About Music in Life

First of all, let us put some ideas. You may write an argumentative essay on music that raises some important world’s questions or an essay on music in my life that would be based on your personal experience. To write a great essay about music importance, you have to concentrate on the benefits of music essays.

You may show the significance of the subject using famous names like Charlie Gillett, describing his achievements. You’re why I like music essay should contain interesting facts and issues which might pose questions to the readers. The role of music in my life essay should grab readers’ attention from the first introductory sentences. You may also call your essay music in my life an interactive one to get closer to your followers. Tell them about your taste and ask them about their essay writing music preferences.

essay about music

How to Choose a Compelling Theme Among Music Essay Topics 

After you are finished with the ideas, you may start choosing among them the most persuasive essay topics on music. It means that it is better to consider the side of the subject that is widely known to many people and avoid concentrating on some narrow aspects. You may visit the Internet and check the top most discussed music topics for essay. 

Music Essay Topics for High School Students 

The topic is very popular today among the students. It is not that difficult for a high schooler to compose an essay about music in my life because they listen to it constantly: at home on the stereo system, at school on their ear pods. 

College Essay Music 

Many students know Charlie Gillett, a British radio presenter, writer, and DJ. His “Sound of the World” had a great influence on teens’ music taste back in time.

Charlie Gillett was an outstanding musicologist and a radio presenter, DJ, sports lover, and music explorer. His love for music brought him to the radio, where he demonstrated the best blues and rock-n-roll tapes and read best world music essays.

Thanks to Charlie Gillet’s legacy, we gathered here a great compilation of music. They are mainly blues, jazz, and independent music songs. They are all divided into categories by style, country, and year. You may check all the CDs notices and reviews for each album. He was an inspiration for many people over the years. Thanks to his great music discoveries, we now know many unique singers.

Now he stays a respected person who has left a legacy about music history. You may consider him as an inspiration for your college essay on music. If you like a particular genre, you can introduce it by creating a rock music essay or any other. Do not try to mix topics before writing music essays for college. It is better to write a paper on something particular instead of embracing tons of useless facts. 

Charlie Gillett

Choosing a Genre for an Essay About Music

Every composition should start with an introduction. Write an essay on my favourite music, beginning with a general love for the topic. Describe the genres you are keen on in the body of the paper, and tell the reader about some of them in more detail.

#1 Folk Music Essay

If you are a fan of folk music, start with an explanation of why you enjoy it. Describe the instruments and compare it to other music types.

#2 Essay About Classical Music

If you are fond of classical music and can describe and analyze concerts with your favorite bands, then you may compose a classical music concert report essay. Here you may draw some comparison between this style and pop music. Speculate about why teens are not so attracted to this kind of music. To compose a proper essay, classical music should be considered from your personal experience.

#3 Hip Hop Music Essay

While creating an essay on hip hop music, tell readers about its origin, how it was evolving, and how it differs from rap. Do research and grab some facts that might be unknown to the followers.

#4 Essay on Rap Music

If you are a fan of rap, consider some rap music essay topics that were previously not discussed. Today this genre is one of the most popular, but it was not always so. To attract readers’ curiosity, try to explain how the style developed around the world. Try to guess the reasons for its demand.

#5 Essay on Indian Music

Indian music was always famous thanks to Indian movies. Link your work with traditions and analyze how they affected the modern world. Browse the Internet to find out if there were any researches of the kind.

#6 Pop Music Essay

Popular music has its name because of the number of people that listen to it. This music style combines various genres. Thus, you may write a critical essay that would discover the links to other music styles and may deepen its history. 

#7 Blues Music Essay

Many students would consider blues as one of the genres of classical music. Thus, you may include blues in your essay on classical music. But do not forget to explain your point of view and present a better explanation of both genres. 

Old Music vs. New Music Essay

To create a modern music essay, you have to mention all the styles, tell a bit of history and show your readers how contemporary music was formed. Express your thoughts and ideas on the topic. I believe in music essay, and it is significant to name all the contemporary genres and explain their origins. For music essay help address Charlie Gillett, “Sound of the World” resource. There you may find old and new songs to create a better understanding of the differences between them.


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