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Liverpool College in Britain

14 December 2021 0 comment
Liverpool College in UK

Liverpool College is an official charitable organization that combines teaching the Church of England’s Christian doctrines with teaching the sciences.

Liverpool College in Liverpool, Merseyside is a mixed-type day boarding school for boys and girls (4-19 years old). Every student has an equal chance to develop his or her talents and hobbies. The individual needs of students come first, and this is the main rule of a college education. As a result, our educational institution graduates the best students and opens the door to all universities.

History Line  

It is the first public school to be founded in the Victorian era. The college was opened in 1843. It included three educational buildings, which were managed by one principal, but, at the same time, completely separate institutions:

  • The Lower, or Commercial School — is intended for business training;
  • The Middle School — literary and scientific training, with language education;
  • The Upper School — First Grade Public School.

And after many years of student training, in 1929, the educational building moved to the premises in Mossley Hill, where it is located until today. In 1993, the educational institution was reorganized into a boarding school with a day form of study for boys and girls (merged with Huyton College).

In September 2013, the school became free and was funded by the central government, having received the Academy’s official status.


In recent years, many innovations have been made, both in the curriculum and updating the school’s appearance. Students of the college are provided with small classes. Highly qualified, experienced teachers are ready to support and help in any situation. Many extracurricular activities (music and sports classes, theater department, lectures and debates, clubs and interest societies) with a rich program diversify education and leisure.

All rooms (for both boys and girls) are designed for one person. Each residence also has a curator who monitors the life of children. If desired, all students can visit common lounges or libraries. Accommodation in residence is offered for students of the A-level program and preparatory courses. The college has a fully equipped gym and relaxation center, tennis courts, and a Combined Cadet Force Centre (CCF).

Sporting events include rugby, football, cricket, hockey, netball, basketball, badminton, tennis, and visiting the sports center.

College or Boarding School  

Until 2013, international students had the opportunity to study at Liverpool College. But after obtaining the Academy’s status, the opportunity to study is available only to British and EU citizens. It is one of the few boarding schools in England of the state form of ownership.

Especially for international students, a one-year A-level preparation program is offered. The program allows you to select items at the GCSE and AS-level level. Additional college essay writing help, courses and events are also given (for example, lectures at the University of Liverpool).

Note, you should not confuse Liverpool College and Liverpool College International. It is a separate international school, where tuition is paid, and intended primarily for students from other countries. It has its buildings located on campus.

Symbols and Traditions  

Like most educational institutions in England, Liverpool College has its distinctive attributes, symbols, and many traditions. The following is a brief description of these.

Coat of Arms and Anthem  

The emblem of the college was invented and used since 1840 and reflected its mission and values. It symbolizes the church, the state, and education. The anthem of the educational institution is Carmen Lerpulense, “Flores Collegium.”


“Not only intelligence but also character” is the motto of the college. This line is taken from the works of Cicero. Holistic education of students combined with honesty, decency, and citizenship, meeting individual needs, the full realization of their potential is the college’s main goal.


Liverpool College graduates have their unique name, Old Lerpoolians. After graduation, they automatically receive this status and receive an invitation to join the Old Lerpoolians Society. It is an officially registered charity. Every year they hold various events, the two most important of them are:

  • The Civic Dinner in Liverpool in the autumn;
  • The London Dinner at the end of winter.

Liverpool College is a boarding school for children 3-18 years old, offering training in both programs – IB and A-level. College graduates annually receive high scores in final exams. Moreover, the college cooperates with the University of Liverpool, which allows high school students to attend university lectures and seminars and use the university library.


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