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What’s an Expository Essay: Steps in Writing and Examples

14 December 2021 0 comment
expository essay rubric

If your assignment is to create an expository essay, brace yourself to spend a lot of time seeking various types of evidence, sources, and completing an in-depth study. Writing the expository essay is not easy peasy. Therefore, students are always getting upset with creating good expository essays. But, on the other side, this task gives the opportunity to unlock talents and hidden potential. Every person is unique. Hence, individuality can pull the essay by writing off the right side.

To succeed in writing the expository essay, like an evaluation essay, you would rather conduct proper work and perception of the reason you have to do it. You know the drill.

Writing the Expository Essay

The expository essay is aimed to make explanations of a topic or some situations. On top of that, it broadens the idea, presents arguments, and makes sure the message is crystal clear for everyone. In your piece of work, you should follow one piece of advice: first, give data and then analyze it. That is quite a meaningful task. It is indeed!

Before you get straight to the point with writing, not only find how to write a good expository essay but become familiar with expository essay examples. There is no doubt it will come in handy.   

Steps in Writing an Expository Essay

expository essays samples

When you are done with the theme for the project the following stage is to learn more about the parts of an expository essay. If you are familiar with the essay writing in general it will not be challenging for you at all.  Because it is corresponding to the other masterpieces you have already produced. Just make it clear, well- organized, and logical.

Basically, it has five paragraph expository essay model:

  • The clause includes introduction and a thesis statement.  That is to say, the main idea of your paper.
  • Body, an argument with substantiating evidence.
  • Body, reason with supporting proof.
  • Body, deal with confirming evidence.
  • Paragraph: is a conclusion for your work, where you generalize the main arguments.

What Is the Purpose of an Expository Essay?

Expository essay rubric is an excellent way to verify learners’ abilities and knowledge in writing .Apparently; it is the best method to have exams at the end of the semester, to prove that you have mastered the school program on a specific course.  

On the other hand, writing expository essays in middle school or writing expository essay examples for high school is often assigned as a vital life and critical thinking skills.

Usually, general topics for expository essays involve your own impression, literature, history, social issues, space science and modern technology. Any of these topics let students think about something they’re already aware of and develop a consistent view.

However, sometimes topics for expository essays address current issues and concerns of contemporary society. For instance: students can write an expository essay on drug abuse, drinking problems, violence, and so on.

examples of expository essays

Types of Expository Essays

Writing an essay is an essential and important part of a pupil’s life. It is good to know different types of what’s an expository essay:

  1. Determination essays. These essays are concentrated on defining a term, a word, or idea. It is up to the person what topic to choose.  But, preferably to go for a precise subject or abstract term. These essays should include definitions of the words and also subtext.
  2. Classification essays. In this type of essay, the expert essay writer does his best to organize and set everything into groups. And arrange things into categories. 
  3. Comparison and contrasting essays. Those writings indicate the distinctions between two or more people. On the contrary, it can state if the described things are in the same boat.
  4. Cause and effect essays give explanations whether the things have a lot of general, how to affect each other or dependent on one another
  5. Problem/solution essays describe the issue, encourage people to trust you. In addition, come up with the right solution and get to dot the I’s and cross the t’s.

Essay writing is never an easy task. It requires your time, knowledge in a particular subject, skills in writing and ability to cope with the issue at your best. As a result, writing an expository essay is a perfect spot to reach your goal.

The thing is, you have to follow recommendations on how to create an amazing paper. Do not cut any slack for yourself. Be persistent, creative, and clear with your sound thoughts. The final result won’t keep you waiting.   


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