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Perfect Explanatory Essay: Steps to Write and Common Mistakes to Avoid

11 June 2021 0 comment
explanatory essay

While studying different subjects in school, college, or university you may pay attention that different events and statements we can appreciate from different sides. The same historical person could be a sensible leader for one and a cruel dictator for others. In this case, it’s important to divide students’ attitudes and real facts, data, valid ideas. This is the main goal of an explanatory essay. In this type of work, you should show your analytical thinking and the ability to build a clear reasoning line to represent the topic from particular sides. You have no idea how to do it? Keep calm! This article will help you to connect A to B.

Explanatory Writing: What We Are Talking About?

Before you start your explanatory writing, you should know the main requirements for this type of work. So, what do we mean, while talking about the explanatory essay? This is a kind of report that showing particular points of view to the event from real life. You should support it with strong arguments, valid examples, and relevant data.
Specifications of an explanatory essay:

  • Facts and only facts. You can’t use your assumptions or inaccurate information.
  • The probability of multi-viewing. Just look at the explanatory essay examples and you will see that the topics are often controversial. However, all sides of the problem should be represented with data and facts.
  • Your point of view doesn’t matter. This essay should be written without emotions. You must be objective and neutral.
  • Sometimes you can choose the topic independently. And this opportunity has its pros and cons. On the one hand, you will be more motivated to write on an interesting issue. On the other hand, you may face a lot of pitfalls! Explanatory essay topics could be so complicated! So, if you don’t have enough experience, you may struggle with all their sides very long or ask custom essay writer for help.

3 Steps to Write an Explanatory Essay

So, you have already known about the features and even pitfalls of your future paper. It’s time to do pre-writing steps!

  • Define the topic. If it wasn’t be given by your teacher, you should create it. Think about historical or social events that you are interested in. However, avoid too complicated and rare problems. It will be difficult to cope with them without experience and excellent writing skills. Write about well-known social events or discuss leadership. These topics are always actual.
  • Find the sources. Remember, what we have just talked about? What is an explanatory essay? It is writing work that is based on valid information. So be attentive to the sources you are using information from. If you don’t sure that there are proven enough, don’t use them! And, of course, don’t take the information from other students’ essays.
  • Write down the main thesis. They will develop your explanatory essay outline. After that, you can work with arguments. Find the strongest ones and support it with examples and facts. Remember, that the main reasoning line should be included in the second part of your essay. In the introduction try to attract your reader and explain the importance of the issue. Find tips on how to start an explanatory essay. Experienced writers recommend using the question or quote in the beginning. Make the conclusion laconic and clear. However, don’t forget to sum up all that has been talking about. Of course, in several sentences. You can use explanatory writing examples to build the right explanatory essay structure.
explanation essay sample

Attention! Check 5 Common Mistakes

There are several mistakes that students often make in this type of essay. Read this part of the article and try to avoid them!

  • Wordiness. Long sentences make your work less readable and understandable. In this case, it will be more difficult to open up the issue. Make the phrases shorter and remove the redundant word constructions.
  • Too short paragraphs. Unlike wordiness makes your work less understandable, shortness makes it poor and unconvincing. According to the explanatory essay format you should use at least 3-4 sentences in each paragraph.
  • Absence of the main idea. While discussing the explanatory writing definition, we have told you about the importance of the main thesis. You should define them before writing. Otherwise, your essay will be a collection of various ideas without focusing on a particular problem.
  • Different grammar errors. Don’t forget that you should show not only logical thinking and writing skills but also high literacy.
  • Incorrect structure. The explanation essay has a standard structure and includes 3 parts. However, sometimes students miss the conclusion or make errors in formatting. Remember that each part should be represented in each paragraph.

Top Advice From Professional Writer

We have already discussed what is explanatory writing and analyzed different sides of the explanatory essay definition. It’s time for practicing! However, before you will start, catch the small pieces of advice on how to avoid mistakes.

  • Focus on your topic. It is no doubt, that some issues can be very deep therefore you may want to represent them from all sides. Your research should be even deeper than you write a gun control essay. Be careful! It is the right way to lose the reasoning line.
  • Plan your work. Think before writing something, check the sources, brainstorm the ideas. Some students claim that an explanation essay sample makes the process of planning easier.
  • Proofread your work for errors. If you are not sure about literacy, you can ask someone to check your paper.
  • Don’t afraid to ask for help. Sometimes the deadline is too short, so there are a few chances to write a good essay without experience. In such a situation you can order the essay in professional writing service.

So, now you have all for writing excellent work: explanatory essay definition, important pre-writing and writing steps, tips, and pieces of advice. Improve your skills during practice! Try to write your essay, but don’t forget that professionals are always ready to help you.


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