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Ultimate Essay Plan: Proven Advice and Template from Pro Writer

14 December 2021 0 comment
essay plan template

When it comes to writing, essay planning is everything. They say that acquiring writing skills will help you plenty when looking for a job. Well, planning is an equally crucial skill for writing. Planning is a key component of personal development. It defines your readiness to take the next step to build your career, start a family, and deal with money. But let’s start small and learn to compose a plan for an essay today.

What Is Essay Planning

Sitting down to start with your essay, you have all these creative essay ideas, but you can’t exactly make them into meaningful sentences and passages. You need to know how to make an essay plan.
Planning helps you define what ideas are sure to be put in writing and which you can leave out. An essay plan aids with making points in a clear and logical way. Planning your essay helps the reader understand your points exactly the way you meant them.

Essay Plan: Writing Guide for Beginners

“Plan for what is difficult while it is easy, do what is great while it is small.”
― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

Essay writing sometimes seems us a very difficult task. But planning an essay correctly can simplify your work. There are 10 easy steps in which you can build an essay plan and make your writing complete.

  • Carefully study the essay topic;
  • Write the topic fully onto paper;
  • Brainstorm for half an hour at least;
  • Take notes of your thoughts and views on the matter. Make sure you have studied the matter thoroughly;
  • Put down words and phrases for linking;
  • Define the main points of the essay;
  • Look into the written lectures to get the ideas of the pints to be included in the essay;
  • Make a list of the sources to find the information you need;
  • Write down quarries for a deeper understanding of the topic (take only the relevant questions to be covered);
  • When the plan is ready, think of the essay amount: how many words are to write in total and how many words you will devote to covering each point of the essay.

You may need to look at an online essay plan template. Open University for example holds a selection of those online, but don’t forget that an A-grade essay is a customized one.

Composing Essay Plan

Let’s get down to actually writing the plan. An excellent method of how to do an essay plan is “box plan”, as for architecture essay. If you’re to present an argument on the given topic, specify the number of necessary points you have to make. This will be the number of paragraphs. The rest is a traditional essay structure plan: Introduction, Body Paragraphs (1,2,3…), and a conclusion.

Eventually, it all comes down to words. Now you’ll have to figure out how many words you can put for covering each paragraph leaving enough words to make the introduction and the conclusion.
Mind that teachers don’t give a number of words for nothing. Making sure you write an approximate number of words shows your ability to layout the point in a consistent and distinctive way.

Let’s imagine you were given 1200 words to write about the usage of devices in the classroom. You’ve got four arguments to describe. That means you have to devote the Introduction and the Conclusion 120 words each and divide the remaining number between the body paragraphs.

essay plan

Essay Plan Structure

There’s a thing called “SEXI Structure”. It shows just the right points to put in a plan and gives a precise picture of the future essay.

  • “S” is the topic Sentence.
    This sentence demonstrates the main idea of the paragraph.
  • “E” is for an Explanation.
    Explain the view on one of the aspects of the essay issue.
  • “X” is an eXample.
    Examples show how important is the argument to the given topic and depicts a real-life situation.
  • “I” is for Importance.
    The reader needs to know why he should take notice of the argument and generate his own view on the topic.

The conclusion should be a strong and persuasive summary of the arguments above. Depending on the essay topic, for instance, a discursive essay plan involves asking the reader a question on the topic, whether they agree with given points or not.

Follow Essay Template from Our Professional Writer

An essay plan template is a good way to see the plan structure step by step and adjust your writing to it. Here’s one essay plan example for the topic “Does Social Media Fame Impact One’s Life?”

Part 1: Essay Topic
“Does Social Media Fame Impact One’s Life?”

Part 2: Introduction
Describe the topic of writing using synonyms. State the importance and relevance of the topic by remembering how big the part of social media in our daily life is. Note how the current vocabulary has changed due to overflowing usage of media-related words and how these little words influence the lives of people.

Part 3: Paragraph 1
Answer the question of fame and its long-lasting existence and the place it took in life throughout time. Demonstrate how the entertainment industry has changed the meaning of fame and the means to get it. Depict how fame changes people and their effect on other people.

Part 4: Paragraph 2
Answer the question of how is fame dependent on society. Show how social media diminishes the importance of people in the real world. Explain how real life is different from life online. Give examples of how fame changed people’s personalities to no good. Demonstrate the irrelevance of fame online to fame in reality.

Part 5: Conclusion
Summarize the argument given against the importance of fame online. Revise the fake qualities of fame for its holder in the authentic world. State how much more influential the real-life good deeds are comparing to the illusion of fame online.

Now you see the exact steps it takes to build a proper essay plan to assist you in writing the actual essay. Don’t forget that planning isn’t everything. You need to have a clear understanding of the topic to be written. Mind that an inspector calls responsibility essay plan is the same to compose but requires a much deeper investigation into the matter of responsibility and repercussions for one’s actions.

Having finished with precise planning, you need to proceed to essay editing. This is one of the key points of essay writing because even the slightest grammar or spelling mistake can ruin a smart essay. Good luck with your writing.


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