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Enduring Issue Essay: Great Chance to Open Up Your Mind!

11 June 2021 0 comment
Enduring Issue Essay

Writing doesn’t seem as hard as it appears to be. While struggling to find a decent enduring issues essay sample, students may underestimate their role in a process.

Unlike an essay about yourself, the enduring issue essay is about the problem or situation, living across times and generations. You can’t put it in the same timeline with modern society troubles. An enduring issue can be an event, which affected many people. It can illustrate different periods, nations and, moreover, those who were equally trying to find a decision.

For proper enduring issues essay prompt, there are some general requirements:

  • Figure out the type of issues. Don’t go for it just out of curiosity or because that sounds important.
  • Make a thesis and one understandable argument right from an enduring issue essay outline. You also have to discuss how this problem had evolved through different periods, as this is the main point of the essay.
  • Gather all possible and impossible information. Make notes. Look for documents. There are never too many details if talking about enduring issues essay. Example: draw a chart with 3 columns to separate your idea and the information you found. Put any details from the documents on the right-hand side and use the first column to emphasize a core point.
  • “It’s not quantity, it’s quality” rule stops working – BOTH MATTER! If the quality side is pretty clear, the word “quantity” is still about the details we were talking about. Be specific using enduring issues essay examples found online. Being laconic means you haven’t analyzed the situation or applied any critical thinking approach to even those materials you went through. Make an examination using relevant facts.
  • Do not summarize. In other words, don’t make a paper look like a dry statistical report.
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Steps for a Proper Choice of an Enduring Issue

#1 Read the documents, annotate and identify the main ideas.
#2 Compare the documents altogether with finding similarities between them.
#3 Look for enduring issues, which are present in two or more documents.
#4 Categorize the documents.
#5 Choose the one issue, which is related to at least three documents and you know it has endured over time.
#6 Review the documents about this issue one more time.
#7 Refine and define the enduring issue properly!

enduring issues essay rubric

Creating an Enduring Issue Essay Outline

According to enduring issues essay rubric, a good outline can help you concentrate during the writing process. If taking the time to write a well-crafted one, all you’ll have to do is to fill it in.

In many successful enduring issue essay examples an outline is based on:

  • Introduction. Whenever you’re ready, just try to compromise with an extensive flow of words. The first part should be laconic and informative at the same time. You also have to pay attention to answering WHY it’s important.
  • Body. The classic option is to write three of them, each for a different topic or a state of a problem. In any conflict enduring issue essay example there is a requirement for topics to be connected with the main thesis. Otherwise, there is no point in such an enduring issue essay. Regents you may need to pass act very strictly about written material.
  • Conclusion. Well, you may ask, what is the difference between an introduction and a conclusion? Both of them are like a summary, highlighting the main points and, of course, your opinion. Both should be laconic but contain all the necessary details. The core is in the end, you’re supposed to show how you applied your critical thinking.  Why is it important to you as the writer or to someone as the reader?
enduring issues essay sample

Three words are describing enduring issue essays structure even better:

  • IDENTIFY – name a problem;
  • DEFINE – explain features to make it less painful for people to get your position about that;
  • ARGUE – provide statements as proof and strong arguments as supporting evidence.

Learn more about the expository essay writing style!

How to Start an Introduction in an Essay About an Enduring Issue?

To stand out with an essay, you need a strong thesis statement. Writing one is similar to giving directions to the readers. With a clear beginning and endpoint, no one will get confused. Pick one of the following ways of how to format a thesis statement:

  • As a Q&A session expressing the main idea as a question. Then your enduring issue essay example will look like whole research of facts or rhetorical statements.
  • Using contradictions means digging into two sides of a coin. Let’s say, you claim every marriage can end in a divorce. So, there’s no way to predict it even for a happy family. But applying a refute opinion – embracing a commitment, people most likely won’t end in a divorce, you leave a choice to a reader. Of course, with references to studies to prove an essay point.
  • “Roadmap” scheme. A thesis statement will look like “claim + stance of a claim + point for back up”. Experienced writers highly recommend using such a structure for staying focused as well.
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Argument Writing for Enduring Issue Essay

No joking, but a writing process is pretty similar to cooking! For a better understanding we gathered core components for your successful arguments:

  • Classical one. Create a laconic introduction with a thesis statement, add some main arguments and don’t forget to mix them with refutation accordingly. Spice things up with a clear conclusion!
  • Rogerian one. What is your favorite flavor (point of view)? Are you sympathetic to both? Let’s say, you’re aiming to discuss a human effect on a global warming process. You mostly consider it as a fault of the industry and river pollution, but you also tend to promote researching for the topic. While “cooking” Rogerian style of argumentative essay, you need to use both “flavors”, which means, to represent the opinions that matter for you and fix them with your constant arguments.
  • Toulmin Argument is specifically designed for polemical affirmations. To get the most taste from a mentioned approach, you need to find an argument to present different flavors as valid.

So, no problem with writing an enduring issue essay, right? Whenever you need to learn more, just do it immediately. Don’t miss the chance to improve your knowledge and show the most potential to your instructor!


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