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Discussion Essay: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Write

6 December 2022 0 comment
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Have you been assigned to write a discussion essay? Not many people like arguing so it may be a tedious task to accomplish. Another name for this assignment is an argumentative essay. This is a paper in which you should present arguments on a debatable topic as you take a particular side and need to prove it. If you don’t know how to discuss in an essay, this article will be of great help. This is your step-by-step guide on how to write such a paper.

What Is a Discussion Paper?

Many students are assigned different essays but aren’t even sure about this meaning in essay. Does it sound familiar to you? What does this type of essay mean? Somebody even turns to an essay writing coach. But let’s start from the beginning. This assignment is meant to describe problems on a certain open topic. This topic can be debatable but this essay may also be called argumentative. Hence, you need to take the topic and offer a detailed discuss in essay of both sides of the issue. The evidence a student utilizes to support both sides of the topic will define the quality of the final paper. Keep on reading to learn how to answer all questions in an essay question and how to write results and discussion in a research paper.

Step 1: Make Sure You Understand the Question

Many students actually don’t have a thorough understanding of the question they are about to answer in their essay. It is obvious and necessary to know the topic to write a relevant answer and obtain the highest grades. How to write a discussion for a scientific paper if you don’t know what does it mean in a paper. You need to understand what exactly this topic asks you to do and to write. Read the question a few times and define any words you don’t know. You should determine what the issue at hand is.

Step 2: Do Your Research

Once you understand the topic and the question you need to respond to in your essay describe what materials and resources you will require. Look through the course notes to get any relevant information about this subject. You may easily find certain notes you’ve taken but you can check the textbook as well. Teachers typically assign discuss essay questions from the main textbook. You need to collect all the data you can find and utilize it to craft your paper. Even if you find little or no information you may also attend the local library or surf the net as there are plenty of sources of relevant data these days. Articles from academic journals will help you find the answers but you can also turn to trustworthy platforms such as “.gov”. Don’t forget to mention citations as well.

Step 3: Discussion Essay Structure

The next step is to come up with a decent question essay plan. The structure of your document usually varies depending on the topic you’ve been assigned. It can be a 5-paragraph essay or a long one. What is the most widespread format? Here is a common plan for argumentative essays:

  • Introduction
  • Evidence and Arguments for (three arguments)
  • Arguments against (three arguments)
  • Conclusion

Usually, the number of arguments depends on the length of the assignment. Three arguments for and three arguments against is enough for a common essay with five paragraphs. The rule says that a person should write about each argument in a separate body paragraph. Besides, you have the right to change this number and to write two arguments for and only one argument against or vice versa. A lengthy paper may include more arguments for and against to explain both sides. You may find an example discussion essay online to have an idea of how you should structure your own document.

Step 4: Select the Model Argument

There are many forms of discussion section of a research paper. Examples of relevant topics can be found on the Internet but many students also need to select the model of argument before they start writing. You may choose between the Classical argument, the Rogerian argument, or the Toulmin argument.

  • Rogerian Approach. Do you have a deep understanding of both opinions of the question? You may utilize this argumentation model to write about opposite sides, including pros and cons. It is good for admitting the advantages of each opinion and offering advice by analyzing the evidence.
  • The Classical or Aristotelian Approach. This essay question discuss model or argumentation is considered standard. The introduction begins with your topic, you utilize one thesis statement and mention evidence to prove your opinion, and end with a conclusion.
  • Toulmin Approach. Are you willing to explain just one side of the issue deeper? You may select this argumentation model as it will help you introduce your opinion by finding evidence and supporting facts and emphasizing the connection between the evidence and the argument.

Step 5: Write a Draft Version

This is an important step as it combines the previous steps and helps you to show what you’ve learned. Begin with the introduction. Make a general statement and later state the specific topic you are about to write about in the body paragraphs. The main part of your essay should be structured so remember about the plan and outline we have talked about above. Make certain to include citations and do some research which can be included in the body paragraphs. Remember to end with a solid conclusion to summarize your ideas and close it with a call to action.

Discussion Essay Examples:

  • Are religious movements the reasons for war?
  • Coronavirus is advantageous for nature.
  • The reason US citizens are quickly becoming more obese.
  • Capitalism and communism have a lot in common.

Step 6: Revise the Document

Once you’ve written the draft version of your essay, it’s time to revise it. When you reread the document you may find some errors or come up with new ideas on how to improve the final paper. Make sure your document is readable and if you want to get some feedback before you hand it to the teacher, you may also ask your friend to read it or ask writing services for help. Besides, reading the essay aloud may also help you understand how it sounds. Students who want to increase their chances of getting the highest grades often turn to professional editors.


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