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Discursive Essay Writing Guide [+Examples]

14 December 2021 1 comment
discursive essay ideas

Students obtain various types of assignments during their studies. Each task is different and has strict requirements and guidelines to follow. A discursive essay example is considered to be one of the most challenging types of essay writing for college students. Many of them don’t see the difference between a discursive and argumentative essay. Yet, each essay type has distinct features that we are going to talk about here. If you were assigned to craft this paper and you have doubts, here are professional tips and advice on topics to select and create a stellar discursive essay plan.

How to Write a Discursive Essay

First of all, every college student who is assigned to craft this paper needs to understand that discursive essay topics can be different from those of an argumentative essay. On one hand, these pieces of writing can be similar as they both are essay types and have three main parts. On the other hand, discursive essay ideas differ in the purpose and structure.

Good discursive essay topics provide an unprejudiced and reliable assessment of a certain problem. Yes, the topic should also be controversial leaving each student an opportunity to select their point of view and arguments to support one side. But discursive essay examples demonstrate a more balanced and formal discussion. It shouldn’t be absolutely neutral but the author needs to reflect both sides of the problem and present enough arguments and facts to support each side.

What Is a Discursive Essay?

So, once you realize that this is a separate type of assignment that shouldn’t be crafted the same way you write other academic tasks, let’s talk about the discursive essay definition. So, its definition is rather simple: this is a type of academic assignment that is aimed to discuss a particular issue or problem. The author should demonstrate both sides of the problem without stating his or her personal opinion.

When choosing higher discursive essay topics, it is necessary to admit that the style of this task should be kept formal and impersonal compared to other written assignments. The structure is strict and similar to essay on science: you should submit an introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. Each separate question should be discussed in a separate paragraph so that the readers can distinguish what you are writing about and how many arguments you provide.

discursive essay examples

Main Types of Discursive Essay Writing

Did you know that there are three main types of this assignment? Depending on the type you were assigned or you select, there may be different features to include in your text. Here they are:

  • Opinion Essay – if you have this type of paper in your discursive essay topics list, you should keep in mind that it demands your opinion of a problem you are going to discuss. This opinion needs to be mentioned in the discursive essay introduction and followed by examples and reasons. Another fact is that the opposing argument should be stated before the conclusion and you should explain why you found this argument unconvincing. The summary needs to be present in the conclusion.
  • Essay Offering Solution to a Problem – as you can notice from the name of this discursive essay meaning, the author should discuss the issue and try to find solutions. The issue should be stated in the introduction, and possible solutions should be mentioned in the body paragraphs. Each solution goes for a separate paragraph of the main body. The writer’s opinion is usually summarized in the conclusion of a discursive essay template.
  • For and Against Essay – this is a task written in the form of a debate with opposing opinions. You should be ready to describe every point of view, present facts, and be objective. The introduction of discursive essay topics higher English states the problem you are going to discuss. The main body demonstrates reasons, examples, and facts. The conclusion is finally for the writer’s opinion on the problem.

Discursive Essay Structure

Now let’s talk more about the structure of this academic assignment. As a scholarship essay, almost all essays have a strict structure that should be followed by students who want to obtain the highest grades. Here is how to structure a discursive essay:

sample discursive essay


Many students wonder how to start a discursive essay. What should they mention in the first part? It is simple as that – all you need to do is state the issue and show some “hook” for the readers to follow. Think about ways to attract the attention of the lecturer. You may want to start with a rhetorical question or add a famous quote. Either way, you need to demonstrate both sides of the issue even if it’s Scottish independence discursive essay.

Main Body

Here is what you need to remember when building your main part of the assignment: assess every aspect of the problem and stay unbiased when describing the points of view. Your own opinion can be mentioned only in the conclusion of the discursive essay examples in higher English. More than that, it is essential to insert at least three arguments to support your opinion. Start each argument with the new paragraph so that the readers can distinguish each reason. Be precise and distinct when you provide evidence and facts. This is how to write a discursive essay in higher English.


There are many discursive essay topics UK – make certain you select the one you understand and know how to use this structure. So, the conclusion is the last section of your task. This is a part where you can summarize the viewpoints mentioned above and express your own point of view. Don’t write too many sentences here and don’t copy what you’ve written in the introduction.

Top Ten Discursive Essay Topics

Here are several examples of good discursive essay topics for higher English as well as just interesting discursive essay topics for students to select from. If you have doubts and don’t know what topic to choose, you can opt for one from our list.

  1. Zoos present good sources of knowledge and entertainment but they foster the misery of cage animals. Should they be abolished?
  2. Modern digital technology: is it good or bad?
  3. Present education system: is it good or bad?
  4. Healthy food is often more expensive than junk food. Should it be like that?
  5. The influence of social media on teenagers today.
  6. Is it true that Google is bringing the end to our privacy these days?
  7. Uniforms limit expression and freedom. Should we ban them in schools?
  8. A child with two parents is less hard-working compared to a child with a single parent.
  9. What are the effects of cyberbullying and how harmful can it be?
  10. Should schoolchildren learn religion as a part of their curriculum? 

To sum up, it can be challenging to select the right discursive essay topic and structure your paper in a proper way. If you follow the above-mentioned advice and remember to proofread your document at the end, you will increase your chances of receiving the highest grades at college. Good luck!


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