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Deal With Definition Essay: Particularities and Universal Guide

11 June 2021 0 comment
definition essay

A definition essay is a type of composition that describes the term, idea, or concept – you’ll meet this explanation in most dictionaries and websites. But was it really useful?

Dealing with such kind of job, students usually feel uncertain about what they are supposed to do, are there any differences between narrative, analytical, descriptive and other definition essay types and how to deal with all this theory. That is why usually they turn to smart essay writers to get this assignment done.

But, let us sort all the things out and define the main particularities, and learn how to make the work done with the detailed instruction.

The heart and soul of good writing is research; you should write not what you know but what you can find out about

Robert J. Sawyer

Definition Essay Features

To figure out what is a definition essay, check out the main characteristics which differentiate it from others:

  • More researches. Personal opinion is still welcome, it makes your job lively and sincere. But give the accent on proved information from the experts. Give official statistics, or, if the word is abstract, use famous figure’s quotes and theories.
  • The purpose is to explain the matter. The explanation of the subject is the very essence. Imagine you’re writing an article for a newspaper or make lecture notes. The information should be understandable, structured, and helpful.
  • Your readers are likely ignorant of the described things. Usually, you needed to provide evidence, turn people to your point of you and so on. This time you only need to explain the matter as correctly and simple as possible, as if the audience is not aware of the issue.
  • One single word can be a topic. Thinking of problematic issues, the eternal questions, and give your opinion on the thesis. This time one single word may define the topic itself. It makes you think wider. Writing about heroism, extend the idea of leadership or outline definition for courage in the essay. Words often contain s few meanings – use it for your advantage.
definition essay words

Know the Classification

Looking for how to write a definition essay, assess the type of your work. It is usually determined by the topic.

  • Expository is the most common type. Your purpose here is to provide readers with the information – explain something interestingly and easily.
  • The analytical approach is classical for composition. Despite describing the issue, you should have a position to stand up for. Using facts, turn the reader into your point of view.
  • Descriptive. A key feature is an imagery. The job is still fact-based, but to outline a deep picture, use your feeling and artistic images.
  • The narrative style is the most subjective, but still the hardest for the majority. Here, you give the accent to the story – according to the structure, it’s an example. Use a real case to explain a word or thesis and link them, using the argument.

A practical implementation in a nutshell: you write a definition essay on beauty and kindness. 

  • Expository one would tell about how the beauty standards changed over the years;
  • Analytical compares two options and defines a better one;
  • Descriptive essay creates an image of your elegance understanding;
  • In the narrative paper, you retell the story of Snow White.

Universal Guide to Write a Perfect Definition Essay

For most students, the hardest issue is how long the essay should be and how to start. If you don’t have strict limitations, you can write as 500 word essay, as well as 5 paragraph essay. A definition essay requires good preparations, so the problem is more actual than ever. To get through it, from up a working strategy.

Step #1: Narrow the Issue If Necessary

Lucky students may be given an extended list of definition essay topics in colleges. For example, abstract concepts don’t require special knowledge and may be used on any subject.

In most cases, you’ll be limited by the given issue. In truth, every term can be split into smaller parts. Constrict a happiness definition essay to family, home, or love – the idea of things that make you happy would be much more sincere and emotional than a flat paper on serotonin.

Step #2: Point Out Your Attitude

In spite of the theoretical basis, the author’s presence is always welcome. Giving the definition of true friendship in the essay, do not recite the dictionary. Better express your feelings on the matter and match them with strong pieces of evidence.

Step #3: Do a Research

Since the type of job requires awareness, facts and official information are essential. Try not to go to extremes.

In the music definition essay, tell something about the history of music and give inspiring quotes about art, but difficult terms from music theory would be irrelevant – keep in mind your audience’s preferences.

On the contrary, expository definition essays on poverty or national heroes are totally academic, so don’t be afraid of being too hard.

Step #4: Arrange the Information

You surely know the ground elements: thesis, argument, example, and conclusion. The definition essay structure doesn’t vary much.

  •  The introduction is a powerful definition essay hook. Use quotes, impressive statistics, or provocation – anything to draw attention, as if it was a real article.
  • A thesis can be a term itself. If you want to prove some items, emphasize them here.
  • The body is a hard part of theory and examples. Tell your story and give readers the necessary information. This way you show your literacy and preparedness.
  • An example is a part of the body that significantly affects your final points. Pick up actual and interesting evidence to impress the audience. In the definition essay on freedom or success, the American dream can be a good example of a desire for independence.
  • Conclusion. Rewrite the thesis and sum up the main info.

Keeping the basic rules, you won’t struggle with the definition essay. Samples of different types can be easily found online, which provides opportunities to study from profs. What is also useful, is to form your attitude to the issue and become more engaged.

To master your skills, practice more: read articles and books on various themes to extend the outlook.

Do not worry about a new kind of task. Breath out and try it once more – you’ll surely succeed.


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