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How to Write a Critical Analysis Essay for Dummies: Follow This Tutorial and See the Result

14 December 2021 0 comment
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Despite college students getting used to writing tasks, some projects still cause many difficulties. Unlike common types of composition, critical essay writing requires a serious approach and research. 

Such a task is usually given at the end of the semester to evaluate students’ understanding of the issue. No wonder most people feel stressed about it – such a format influences the final grade and determines their performance. 

However, there is no reason for panic. Use this detailed guide to organize the working process and find a hint for writing. It won’t be a big deal – check it out for yourself. 

What Is a Critical Analysis Essay

First, let’s sort out the meaning of such a task. Such a composition is given to analyze, refute, or support some issues. It may be a piece of art, an academic paper, or even a social event. The key feature here is expressing a personal attitude to the theme, based on researched and detailed investigation. As you see, such a job requires plenty of effort and cannot be simply rewritten. 

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There are several subtypes of composition that determines the field of study and research particularities: 

  • Lens composition. To complete such a job, you should study 2 papers, somehow connected with each other, for better understanding. For example, the critical lens essay “To kill a Mockingbird” would require reading a second part of the novel, or reviews on the first book. 
  • Review format. For example, writing an essay of a journal article is a common task for journalists and editors – this way you assess the mastery and knowledge of the original author.
  • A critical response essay means a reaction to such topics as science papers or philosophical texts. Read them thoroughly, pick possible inaccuracies, and answer on the material.
  • Evaluation. Wondering, how to write a critical evaluation essay, study samples, and common cases. They are usually used to analyze ambiguous topics and give a personal attitude to the social or political issue.
  • Analysis requires a serious approach and usually has a practical purpose. As an example, a critical analysis essay in nursing uses for reflection and appraisal of students’ clinical practice.

Ultimate Guide for Critical Essay Writing

Writing a critical essay is like a crossword clue – combine all demands together, and you get the perfect composition. Maintain a number of rules and steps to produce decent work. 

It is easier than one may imagine. To sort the things out, keep this tutorial, and complete each step gradually.

#1 Pick the Hot Issue 

We live in a large informational field, which allows us to choose any matter to discuss. It may be a hot political or social event that influences public life, or the issue close to your character. There is only one rule to follow – pick the topic you can easily understand and analyze. Before getting down to it, check the number of papers and facts on the Internet, appraise your own skill, and the demanded style. 

Surely, another aspect or keep in mind is a specialty. Students of human sciences are the luckiest: You can see plenty of classical works among the topics for critical essay: Lord of the Flies, 1984, Death of the Salesman, Romeo and Juliet, Inspector Calls, and other familiar books can become food for thought in the text. Some students prefer to get deeper and analyze a particular character in their critical essay – the Great Gatsby and King Macbeth are ambiguous figures, often used for evaluation. 

Those who study sciences and medicine also get wide opportunities. Most jobs are connected with earlier academic papers – sometimes the writer may even disprove the author’s views and find mistakes in the old research. Another common issue is the analysis of your own practical work in order to develop the performance the next time.

Social studies cover all public issues from elections and wars to the zero-waste movement.  

#2 Active Reading 

Deciding the topic, you are to study the original material carefully. Whether it is a fiction or academic essay, use a scientific approach, and active reading skills. Make notes during the process and try to figure out your personal attitude. Talking about analysis essay, critical thinking is essential since you are to form the opinion, not describe the matter.

#3 Do a Research 

See the difference: working with descriptive or narrative composition, you may only pick the previous work and rewrite them using personal style. Now such an approach is useless.

In addition to knowing facts, you should process them and deliver new thoughts. Be familiar with the popular resources – experts’ reviews, statistics, and official data, but stay objective to them and try to cover various opinions.

#4 Structure Your thoughts 

For those who cannot imagine how to start a critical essay, the structure is a significant moment. It helps to organize the whole process. Like any other college text, such kind of work includes several basic parts:

  • Introduction. Wonder how to write a critical essay introduction? The best idea is to postpone it a bit. Complete the whole text to understand what it’s about, and mention the key points at the beginning. It helps to spark the readers’ interest with the honest info.
  • Thesis. After you formulated the outline and explained the issue, provide your opinion on the matter. It is especially important in such a job since it should be based on your thoughts.
  • Arguments. Defend the thesis and give examples to illustrate it. It is a way to persuade the audience and show your expertness to the examiner. Despite the format requires your opinion, it should be an objective statement.  
  • Conclusion. The critical essay conclusion is a summary of thoughts. Depending on the type and topic, it can be moral issues concerning the event or a person or practical resume of the given arguments. 

Before getting down to work, always check the structure out. Only by maintaining the sequence of thoughts, you’ll sound reasonable and well-educated in the issue. 

#5 Writing and Editing

Completing college tasks is not the same as the art process. Avoid any distractions and control every word. If you picked the academic topic to open, be sure you know the materials and use all definitions correctly.

In addition to formal style and awareness, focus on grammar norms. We often miss them, involved in the mental work. Always examine your text with online editors and give friends or relatives to read it.

To check the logic, put the text aside and turn back to it in half an hour. Fresh and relaxed a bit, you may notice significant issues. 

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Common Mistakes

Since some pupils meet difficulties in analyzing the topics, there are some common mistakes almost every student makes. Check yourself to avoid them from the beginning. 

#1 Too Wide Topic

Don’t try to cover the wide field of knowledge in one text. Even course papers and thesis focus on one particular question – no doubt the short text should meet this rule. For example, talking about politics, don’t evaluate the whole period or some politician’s legacy. Better pick one event or aspect and give a summary of it.

#2 Mixing Composition Types

Surely, you are to explain the topic to the audience. Give a short outline to show what you’ll talk about in the next paragraphs.

Instead of it, people spend the whole text speaking about the theme. Remember: it is a prerogative of descriptive and narrative essays. Analysis requires investigation and thought rather than explanations. 

#3 Forgetting the Requirements

Always study what you are asked to write about. Keep your level in mind – an intermediate 2 English critical essay and text from the native speaker could be completely different. Other aspects are the age of the writer, difficulty of the topic, and the study institution’s demands. 

Despite most standards being the same, such small factors may differentiate the particular demands to style and content. 

Analytical tasks are a way to check your logical thinking and analytical mindset. Despite it being a serious project, don’t be afraid of starting. Pick the topic, interesting for you, and matching the requirements – this way you’ll be interested in the process. Do qualitative research and think about your personal attitude. After you’ve formed the sequence of thoughts, get down to the assignment writing process. To facilitate the job, use the given guide, and avoid popular mistakes in advance. 


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