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COVID Essay Writing Help

14 December 2021 0 comment
covid essay

The current pandemic has already had a great impact on our countries, international cooperation, as well as on societies. The present economic crisis together with people’s fear and uncertainty will become a turning point.

Many colleges in the UK and academic institutions ask students to craft a COVID essay. This paper is aimed to showcase the student’s attitude to this worldwide problem and widespread disease as well as let them demonstrate their emotions and thoughts on how we can prevent it. If you have been assigned to create a coronavirus essay, here is what you need to keep in mind.

How to Write COVID-19 Research Papers

Many professors assign essays on various topics during the school year. Such essays become an essential part of the academic process as their aim is to show student’s writing abilities, analytical skills, and the ability to structure their thoughts in well-crafted paragraphs. A discursive essay about COVID is not the first topic that has been assigned to students in colleges or universities. 

However, this is a common new issue that people in every country of the world face. This is an extremely relevant topic while the entire world is suffering from this infection and we don’t have a cure yet. Almost every household has been impacted by this virus – some people lost their permanent jobs, others experienced a loss in their family due to this virus. At the same time, some people used this quarantine time to their advantage and tried to learn new skills or change their attitude to life.

coronavirus papers

It depends on you how you use the coronavirus pandemic and how you personally feel in this situation. This type of essay differs from others that you’ve been assigned before as you don’t necessarily need to buy it from a writing service in the USA or the UK.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer or the right words you need to include. It’s up to you to decide how you want to express your thoughts and knowledge you’ve acquired so far about this virus. It is necessary to assign such coronavirus papers in academic institutions so that students are aware of this problem and learn about possible ways to protect themselves and their families as well as live through this challenge without panic.

Structure of the Essay on COVID-19

Some organizations have encouraged students from many countries to join and express their thoughts. The International Student Association (ISA) organized an essay writing competition for international students to let them express their opinions and feelings about this widespread illness. The students were offered to craft a 1500-word paper on the topic of COVID-19 and their own views about the future and the impacts on societies.

First of all, it is necessary to admit that the structure of this paper should be the same as the structure of any other essay you have written. COVID-19 papers should consist of:

  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

Let’s talk more about the details of crafting each section of COVID papers. Students should follow this structure to craft a persuasive and well-formatted document. If you don’t make these three sections in your paper you will have few chances of receiving high grades for it.

Introduction should consist of two or three strong sentences that will serve as the beginning of your paper. Here you can state what this virus is and why it is called so. This is the introduction of the problem you are going to discuss later in detail. You can talk about the time when this pandemic started and insert some well-known facts. Make your readers feel attracted and interested in what you are going to tell them about.

Main Body of your COVID-19 essay in English can consist of several paragraphs where you talk more about the reasons for this illness and how it spreads. There are many relevant sources and reliable materials you can use. You may want to add these points:

  • Modes of Transmission
  • Age and Gender of Patients
  • Symptoms (here you can talk more about mild, moderate, and severe cases as the symptoms may vary)
  • Protection Measures (personal protection, social distancing, wearing masks, surface cleaning, hand washing, etc.)

Conclusion of your Coronavirus papers should restate the problem you’ve mentioned in the introduction. Don’t use the same words and sentences but rather paraphrase your thoughts and say that this is our common issue that every person in the world is facing. We need to unite in order to find the proper cure and the vaccine to save the world.

Proofread and Edit Your Essay on Coronavirus

Once you’ve written this paper from scratch and formatted it in the right way, your task is not over yet. Now you need to make certain there are no punctuation, spelling, or grammar errors in the document. You don’t want to lose points or feel insecure in front of your professor because you’ve made silly mistakes.

Some students prefer to create their “How had COVID-19 affected you” essay on their own using trusted resources while others rely on professional help from special academic writing services. In any case, it pays to be responsible and ask somebody to review and edit your paper for you.


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