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Climate Change Essay: How to Start and What to Write About

11 June 2021 0 comment
essay about climate change

More and more famous people are talking about climate change and it is a real problem for our nation. Who can save the planet if not us? That is why it becomes a widespread topic to discuss at colleges and universities. Modern and up-to-date writing themes are about the environment and offer students to pick various climate change essay topics. It is a great way to express your thoughts on the issues. So to write an essay about climate change, you need to inspect the subject first. Get all the necessary data to make up your mind and get to your conclusions.

Essay About Climate Change: What to Write About

We don’t have time to sit on our hands as our planet burns. For young people, climate change is bigger than election or re-election. It’s life or death.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, US Politician & Activist

First things come first, and you need to begin picking ideas and scribble notes. They would be handy when you start creating a plan for your future argumentative essay climate change. Address the most popular questions in the category, like what we can do to reduce the pollution of our Planet. Consider the issue from different angles. Write about things that might be connected to the subject.

The most popular questions that raise the problems in the category are:

  • What can I do to protect the Earth from global warming?
  • How plants and factories are polluting the Planet?
  • What are preventative measures are taken to control the issue? 
  • What are the possible scenarios for the development of this problem?

The question-answer scheme is considered to be one of the most effective to write an essay fast. Even if you have no clue what to write about, try this game-like sequence, and you will be full of concepts and ideas. You may debate some widely known statements by offering up-to-date, modern evidence.

climate change essay conclusion

#1 Constructing a Plan

With tons of ideas in your head and some information, you are ready to start creating a scheme. Keep in mind that all the compositions have a basic structure. The climate change essay should be consisting of parts:

  • introduction — theses;
  • body paragraphs — arguments and points of view;
  • conclusion — results of research and final words.

While writing, stick to the scheme, and your ideas would sound concise and coherent. Appeal to the emotions of your auditory. Use more adjectives and verbs so your composition might be viewed as a call to action.

#2 Creating a Striking Intro

Introduction to an essay on climate change should involve a thesis. It can awake interest in your auditory and attract more readers. Please select the most significant issue and state it in the introductory part. Thus your work will be far from boring. To captivate the readers’ attention, start with your personal experience, be close to ordinary everyday life. People are more interested in the subject when they know this is happening right in front of them. They have their own experience and would like to read about yours. 

#3 Body Paragraphs and Arguments

After you are finished with the introduction, you have to think about your global warming and climate change essay arguments. It usually contains three or four parts. Here you have to focus on the problematic part of your work. 

  1. Write about the disadvantages, for example, and the advantages of our climate and how humanity affects it. Then move to possible solutions. It is never extra to check climate change essay examples on the Internet. 
  2. Look through other students’ compositions and explain to yourself why some things were exciting and made you keep reading while some explanations and methods seem not that strong. 
  3. Analyze the work of others, gather peculiar facts about the topic, and put it all on paper.
  4. Use one paragraph to express your feelings about the problem and how you think it might be resolved. 
  5. To create an indeed climate change persuasive essay, you have to present new unknown facts and stories. Nowadays, it is easy with the help of social networks. This is one of the most significant sources to find what modern entrepreneurs and youngsters do to reduce the pollution rate.

#4 The Final Part of the Work

The climate change essay conclusion should sum up all the arguments and draw a full picture in front of a reader. Then mention the thesis again and describe what findings you have made while exploring different opinions and reading various materials on the topic. Describe how you suggest coping with the problem and what methods might be sufficient.

climate change persuasive essay

Scheme of Writing Process

The easiest way to get your work done is to pay for essay, but to create it by yourself follow the next plan. Write a successful recipe of an eye-catching essay on global warming and climate change:

  • Compose a layout of future work;
  • Introduction:
    • Put down some ideas and thoughts;
    • Start with an introduction and a thesis;
  • Main paragraphs:
    • Speculate about existing struggles;
    • Acknowledge diverse opinions;
    • Explain your position;
  • Conclusion:
    • Describe the output and consequences;
    • Explain the logic that led you to this scenario.

This is a basic structure of any essay and composition. You probably would be facing a lot of stuff like that in the University. Remember that you have to stick to the plan and express yourself, be exact and laconic, and do not make long sentences because they confuse the reader.


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