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Cause-and-Effect Essay [Topics, Examples, Structure]

14 December 2021 1 comment
writing cause and effect essays

Whether you’re at college or university, an essay is the keystone of the whole learning process. In particular, cause-and-essay is a great way to show off your writing skills. In case, you lack those skills, find helpful advice and tips here.

What Are Cause and Effect Essays

Basically, a cause-and-effect essay is a particular written task, in which you should connect two occasions or more. In this writing piece, you should give an explanation of the reason the event happened and how it happened in the first place. For better understanding, you can also brainstorm such terms as consequences of actions and string (succession) of events.

Essay on Cause and Effect Structure

A “cause-effect” essay is to contain a traditional essay structure of three parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. In the case of cause and effect essay, there will be two body paragraphs – one for causes and one for effects.

example cause and effect essays

Cause and Effects Essay Plan

Now that you have remembered key parts of an essay, you should sketch a model plan of the essay to see it a little more graphically.

The first step is brainstorming to collect the most ideas and facts on the theme. Then write out each part of the essay into a plan and write a short idea or thesis for each part.

Don’t write the whole essay yet – just state a causative-consecutive chain to make your mind generate thoughts.

Cause and Effect Essay Examples

Everything seems easy in the theory. Let’s break an example essay into those four parts and look closely into how to write each one of them exactly. 

The cause and effect of obesity essay may relate to one of the most-discussed issues of the world.

Introduction for Cause and Essay Topics

The “intro” must demonstrate the topic in question like in personal essay. Here you should depict obesity as your target issue and why is it relevant today. The introduction should also include a considerable thesis sentence in which you can state your viewpoint of what is the biggest cause or effect of obesity.

Samples of Cause and Effect Essay Paragraphs

The first Body Paragraph belongs to the analysis of the obesity cause.

First, name the first and the biggest cause of fatness. To give the proposition here relevance you should back it up with facts, numbers, and real-life examples.

If there is more than one cause to describe, use the space in the first body paragraph to do it as well.

The second Body Paragraph should hold the realization of the causes in the actual effects. Here you need to list the worst effect that obeseness has had on the lives of people. In addition, bring some facts to validate the information you speculate on.

The next paragraphs give you space to elaborate on more results that being overweight has brought.

Here’s a Helpful Tip on Body Paragraphs Organization

You can list them in three different manners: by their significance, chronologically, and categorically.

If you’re organizing the casual-resultative chain using the first way, list the “triggers” from the least to the most substantial.

The chronological way offers to list the details by the time they have happened. A categorical way means managing the facts differently depending on their relation to some aspect of life. 

How to Write a Conclusion in Cause and Effect Topics for College Essays

The conclusion must repeat the opening statement but using synonyms and judging from the content of the topic revealed above. You’re to review all the points discussed in the essay and reflect on how they support your thesis in the introduction.

Speaking about “fat degeneration” you need to connect all the facts in the C&E and testify that it is, in fact, a serious issue.

One may choose to discuss the ramifications part before they deal with the sources-of-the-problem part. You are free to do the same. The part that you want to emphasize more should go to the front section of the essay. In the big picture, you’re to make the essay readable and your point relatable.

Tips for Writing Cause and Effect Essays

Use adverbial phrases to link your ideas. They make writing neater and well-arranged. In the cause and effect essay, you could use phrases like “a few factors leading to…, some reasons for…, this is the result of…, due to, since, for, first, in consequence, resulted in, therefore”.

cause and effect sample essays

Ideas for Cause and Effect Essays

Define and stick to the purpose of your essay. You should either inform, persuade, or argue on the facts.

Keep close to the topic – state only relevant ideas (causes and effects) that are recent and updated.

Empower your essay with statistics, scientific research, and, even, personal thoughts.

Characterize the grounds for the outcomes. It’s best to use phrases like “It’s likely that It may indicate that, It’s evident, One can suggest”.

Good Topics for Cause and Effect Essays

Some find the cause-and-effect essay topics search the hardest part – so many important things to discuss. If you’re in search of inspiration, look at the list of possible topics: 

  • Dangers for marine life and their source 
  • Youngsters’ involvement in sport achievements 
  • Changes in the human body under music influence
  • Cardiac issues and their reasons
  • Exploring the world and personality
  • Alcohol and body transformations

Hopefully, the explanation of the essay structure and examples of action-and-consequence essay writing has helped and you only need to choose the topic now. Keep the tips in mind and good luck. 


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