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Bullying Essay Writing Guide: 8 Steps You Should Go Through

11 June 2021 1 comment
essay on bullying

A bullying essay is one of the many academic assignments given to students to reflect their thoughts on the subject and, in this way, prevent the facts of bullying in the future.

U.S. statistics show that over 70 percent of students have seen facts of bullying and 30 percent of kids have been bullied themselves.

Clearly, bullying is one of the main issues in our nation’s life. Adults face bullying as well. They fight and prevent it on a daily basis. What you have to do is to masterfully write about it.

Over 160.000 kids fear to go to schools due to the fact of bullying every day

Cause and Effect of Bullying Essay

Bullying plays a very dangerous role in society and it gets worse day by day. The effects of school bullying are ubiquitous and extensive. In the case of thousands of children every day, the stress of bullying is too much to even handle going to school. For others, the same stress causes them to do the unthinkable, end their lives…. suicide.

Statista shows that the most popular way of bullying is mentioned somebody in angry comments or spread rumors. Over 80% of people know what bullying means and a quarter of them was bulled (or still being bulled in different ways).

bullying statistic

The cause and effect of bullying essay can make a big impact on a person’s life. Do not be a bystander, instead, take an active role in avoiding the bad circumstances of bullying. Make sure all the bad effects of bullying essay are visible and clear to your audience. Well, tackling the cause and effect of cyber bullying essay in separate paragraphs would be a wise move.

8 Steps to Writing a Bullying Essay

  1. Defining the essay type
  2. Choosing a topic
  3. Brainstorming
  4. Drawing an outline
  5. Composing the introduction
  6. Writing the main body
  7. Nailing the conclusion
  8. Editing and proofreading

Step 1: Defining the Bullying Essay Type

There are different angles to approach the issue. Whether being bullied yourself, have bullied others or just have witnessed the facts of bullying, you may have various views on the topic. That’s why you may benefit from the following list of essays about bullying types.

  • Descriptive (exemplify the issue)
  • Argumentative (pick your position towards the topic and write from it)
  • Definition (explain the phenomenon)
  • Narrative (retell the story you’ve experienced)
  • Compare & contrast (compare the issues to one alike)
  • Research paper (research the issue more deeply)
  • Persuasive essays about bullying (declare your viewpoint and defend it)
  • Cause & effect (the reasons and consequences of this abusive behavior)

Step 2: Choosing a Topic About Bullying in Schools

Unless you’ve been assigned one by the tutor, you can choose a bullying essay topic from the main three:

  • physical abuse
  • verbal abuse
  • cyberbullying

All of the above matter and you have to depict it in the bullying essay of yours.

Choosing a topic for the bullying essay may be as hard as writing one. Here’s what you do.

Brainstorm the topics. Discuss them with the teacher. Set on the topic? Explore the issue. Find out the most information available. Exclude the topic you dislike or don’t know much about.

Step 3: Brainstorming the Topic

Ask your family members or friends for assistance. Speculate on the latest news of bullying incidents and make up a list of possible ideas you’ll cover in the essay.

Step 4: Drawing the Outline

Making an outline organizes the ideas, saves time and makes effective essay writing. Our custom essay service suggest making an alphanumeric plan. It will make sure you stick you the topic and lay it out accurately and neatly.

essay outline

Step 5: Composing the Introduction

The aim of the bullying essay introduction is to grab the reader’s attention. A good way to engage the reader is by introducing some stats as done here or opening with a question needed to be answered in the conclusion.

Bullying terms and definitions also make a good introduction. Define the basic types of bullying in this part. Some official facts will startle readers and prove the issue’s urgency.

If you’re going with the cause and effect of bullying essay, state the adverse cause an extremely negative effect of bullying in the beginning.

End with a powerful stating which summarizes the importance of the question discussed in the paper and states your position towards bullying.

Step 6: Proceeding to the Main Body

Every 5-paragraph essay on bullying has 3 to 4 paragraphs in the main body. Regardless of the topic, each paragraph of the main body consists of a claim, evidence, and samples. Then, the content which you fill the main body with depends on the type of bullying and a definite problem you’ve chosen. If you’re writing a cyberbullying argument essay, make sure to express the claim, evidence, and samples from the chosen angle.

Let’s say you went with an argumentative essays about bullying. Define the conditions where bullying is thriving. The topic would be best shown in the bullying in schools essay. Explain the results of bullying. Suggest solutions to the problem.

Step 7: Nailing the Bullying Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is by far the most important part of your essay about bullying. Not only you have to reflect on how to prevent bullying in the essay, but you also must trigger the reader’s conscience and cause them to think of other reasons to fight to bully.

Start with paraphrasing the statement you made in the introduction. Remember that the bullying essay conclusion is not the place for rhetorical questions. You must be sure of your negative feelings about bullying and reassure the readers of the issue’s priority. Motivate the audience to contribute to the war against bullying.

Here are some ideas you might exploit for the bullying essay conclusion.

  • Describe your thoughts on the governmental policy towards bullying.
  • When writing the effects of bullying essay, retell dramatic outcomes of bullying (physical and mental abuse implications for bullying victims).
  • Cyberbullying essay writers must find it useful to engage the reader in further research about the issue of bullying.

Step 8: Perfecting the Essay

Once done writing, start with editing. Never underestimate this part of writing activity since it gives the chance to reflect on the writing, add or exclude some information, and fix the essay when necessary.

  • Look through the format of the essay. Make sure the essay has a clear structure.
  • Proofread for any kind of mistake: grammatical, stylistic, punctuation and spelling.
  • Take advantage of the plagiarism apps. They already have a built-in grammar checker and you’ll be able to once again see if your essay is water bewitched.
  • Ask your friends or close ones to read the essay and share feedback.

Writing a Cyberbullying Essay

If bullying is a behavioral phenomenon, then cyberbullying must be the 21st-century phenomenon. The topic is probably the most discussed in cyberbullying argumentative essays. The subject is both easy and tricky to write about. You must have interacted in cyberbullying situations at least once, whether receiving haters’ comments on your photo or discussing a viewpoint aggressively online.

The trick is that cyberbullying incidents are sometimes mistakenly defined as such. Media often misuses the words cyberbullying for one-time violence acts or online arguments. So, when you decided to write a cyber bullying argumentative essay prepare to study the topic thoroughly.


It’s a popular practice to enclose sources and authors you got information from. Mentioning these will give you extra credit from the teacher and will probably encourage readers to study the subject more.

Visit This website is both terrifying and inspirational. On the astonishing facts alone you can come up with a gripping introduction and compose a great bullying narrative essay.

You may not know this, but you might have been bullying people yourself, even indirectly, spreading rumors, for instance. Having committed even relational bullying, such as ruining someone’s reputation, can give your essay an exceptional viewpoint. Remember that a personalized story is what a bullying essay needs most to be successful.

Bullying Essay Example Topics

Still getting nowhere with your topic research? Here are some bullying titles for an essay to get your mind working. Of course, the “how to prevent cyberbullying” essay is one of the top choices. But the subject is so much more than just prevention. Read through and see which appeals to you most.

  • Reasons why teasing may end up bullying
  • What are the mental consequences of bullying?
  • Is there any specific attitude that evokes to bully people?
  • Why do some people think that there is nothing wrong with bullying?
  • What legal measures are taken to stop bullying?

No matter what bullying incident you’ll choose to write about, the complete  8-step guide to writing a bullying essay will help make the writing process easier and clearer.


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