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How to Write an Argumentative Essay [Basic Info, Structure, Short Guide]

14 December 2021 6 comments
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Essay writing is a requirement in high school and college writing classes. There is no way around it. However, writing essays, for many students, can be challenging, and even writing argumentative essays in middle school. They are required to write various types of essays such as the argumentative essay, which is the most common type of essay written in college writing classes. 

Argumentative essays are designed to present an argument in a logical and structured manner. It may be difficult for some students to generate ideas for an argumentative essay, and for others, they may know what they want to write about but have trouble organizing their thoughts and putting those ideas down on paper.

To write an argumentative essay you have to be aware of some techniques to help you get those ideas floating around in your head onto paper, or in a word processor, if you will. With a little preparation and planning and a lot of practice and hard work, you too can write short argumentative essays with the best argumentative essay topics. 

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What Is an Argumentative Essay?

In this kind of essay, you are not only giving the information but also present an argument with PROS (supportive ideas) and CONS (opposing ideas) of an argumentative issue. You should clearly take your stand and write as if you are trying to persuade an opposing audience to adopt new beliefs or behavior. The bottom line is to convince people to change their opinion that many of them do not want to get rid of. That is not as easy as ABC. However, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel here, just streamline your thoughts and do your best. You know the drill. 

Argumentative Essay Structure

It is not a secret, how to structure an argumentative essay. As always you begin with:

  1. Introduction. First of all, the best way how to start an argumentative essay is by using the trusty hook statement. There is no better way to attract the reader’s attention. For argumentative essay introduction specifically, the rhetorical questions seem to be an efficient tool for hook statements. So the point is to present the idea which will subconsciously navigate your reader towards a preconceived notion that your argument is the better one. You need to come up with the sentences which make the reader instantly think about the idea and question it on all hard of it. Don’t let the structure slide. Be perfectly in sync. Now, when you have the reader’s attention, start going more in-depth about the idea specially, your side of the argument. While doing it briefly introduce the pillars of your argument. In other words the core idea of your body paragraphs. To finish your introduction you may present strong thesis statements for argumentative essays. That takes an absolute position on one side of the argument. 
  2. Body paragraphs. Naturally, all three body paragraphs locate the same structure but the core focal point will be different for each one. To begin any body paragraph create a transitional sentence that smoothly moves the writing from idea to the next. Then provide a thorough analysis of each one of your core ideas. Remember; be sure to make the logical point that helps support your thesis even if morally it may sound ludicrous. Additionally, every core idea needs back up support to make you more viable. Do not forget to use outside research and analysis; provide external references that strengthen your point. What a pity if all should go awry. Be on top of everything. 
  3. Argumentative essay conclusion. Your readers will remember this part the most as in cause and effect essay. Therefore, in the argumentative essay conclusion, you are going to make synthesized statements to your audience what it is you have been talking about before. In conclusion, you have to restate why your topic is important, review the main points, and analyze the thesis. It is crystal clear, you need to ensure that everything is logical. Because you have to slam home your point and leave the audience convinced. 
example of argumentative essay

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

There is no doubt, with the argumentative essay help and tips the writing can become a way better and faster. Never put the essay on the back burner. The thing is, you have to write with a POWER. What does it mean?

  1. P- Stands for pre-write. This is the first part of the writing process. It’s when you brainstorm the ideas and already know how to structure an argumentative essay. This can be as simple as making a flowchart, but it leads you to the next step.
  2. Outline. Lists the main topics you intend to write about. Put a headline for the first topic sentence. Then the evidence you use for supporting
  3. W- Stands for writing. When you have sorted all it out, get right away to writing an argumentative essay. Do not try too hard to make it perfect, but just for now. Get all your ideas on to the page and you will fix it later.
  4. E- Stands for edit. Once you have finished your masterpiece, it is time to step back and look at it again. Be honest with yourself. You can easily understand which part works and which can be improved.
  5. R- Stands for revision. You fulfill your work at times to make it better. Revise the sections for improving and make sure the entire essay flows well. Keep in mind all these steps, follow them and you will have a great argumentative essay example. Without special guidelines for making projects, you will be jaded.  

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

The relevant argumentative essay definition tells it’s a piece of writing, supposed to express the writer’s opinion and convince a reader to accept it. Your viewpoint is the core position of the text. It can’t be ambiguous or not specified. Moreover, you have to be confident in your own words. No worries: if you can’t find your writing voice, ProEssayHelp is always there to help!

How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

Establish a position you’ll stick to, find reasons for the reader to trust you and start writing! Break a big assignment into three main parts: Introduction, Body Paragraph, and Conclusion. Try to use one format and font while writing; make sure to add some transition sentences in the body paragraph. Finally, leave some aftertaste, ideas to think about and discuss.

How do I Write an Argumentative Essay Thesis?

Use 1-2 sentences maximum, it shouldn’t be too long. Highlight the main idea. Don’t make it as an “announcement”, present your assertion is for 100% okay.

Talking about a good argumentative essay you should remember that interesting argumentative essay topics and great topics for argumentative essays will come in handy for your work. Easy argumentative essay topics such as argumentative essay organic food, argumentative essays on smoking and technology may be successful. The reason is, these issues are sufficient for mankind. 

We have gone over all the tips for writing an argumentative essay and you should be more confident in your writing skills. Even if your brain is pushing back against writing, you can always buy an argumentative essay.


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