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Secrets of Writing a Monster Architecture Essay [+Templates]

14 December 2021 0 comment
Architecture Essay

So how to write an architecture essay to impress? What should you take into account while working on it? How to influence your readers? First of all, let’s not forget: Architecture is a vast field. Many people associate it just with designing skyscrapers and other tall buildings to enrich the landscape. However, you know that it is an even broader notion. Architecture encompasses anything that is built or designed as an element of human’s constant process of filling the space.

Thus, to make your academic architecture essay successful, it is crucial to choose a specific niche and briefly, yet thoroughly cover all of its defining aspects.

May it be a gothic architecture essay, a renaissance architecture essay, an architecture, and a technology essay, a landscape architecture essay, an essay urban or garden planning – there is always a connection with psychology, history, not to mention anthropology. Only this way, you can achieve a piece that would stand out and add up to your prospective career.

Make a Research

In Laugier’s An Essay on Architecture it is said, “We should build with solidity for convenience and decency”. The same applies to win architecture essay writing.

The beginning of your essay might be a little overwhelming, as you might not know which thread to pull first. At this stage, it might be useful to do some internet research on how to systemize and plan your essay and how to choose a sufficiently narrow yet expressive subject. Many professionals recommend elaborating with a focus on specific geographic areas, periods, and styles. Identifying these three criteria will already help you significantly with the initial essay structure. Start with what interests you and then narrow it further down. In the process of identifying the specifics, you will need to find the answers to questions arising one after another. You will most likely dive into researching the subject, which will hopefully help you. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of information before you finalize your topic. Some exciting subjects might not have enough available data for you to produce a good essay as well as be an academic worth. Try to avoid such topics. Architecture-Essay template

Always Make Notes

To keep your essay accurate and trustworthy, you will need to analyze the collected data and make sure to support your statements with historical evidence or some scholars’ quotes. However, building your work around a critique of another essay might also be a proper angle provided you have solid points.

Follow Your Plan and Keep the Structure

Style and plan are of strategic importance for an academic piece on architecture. Unless indicated differently, an essay on architecture is analytical work, meaning you would need to reiterate and support the facts based on the accurately referenced research. It might be logical to practice writing your essay in a persuasive style, as it would most effectively allow you to present your case and elaborate on your vision regarding the style and other architecture-related choices. You should look at the collected facts and see how to frame them in your plan. Each of the plan items would be covered in a separate paragraph of the essay body. A good plan is the basis of your monster essay on architecture, so take your time to think it through. Some even use the best essay writing service to make the essay outline based on the collected data. The outline should help the essay paragraphs to describe facts in the right order to be interconnected and make a solid point. Once your plan is ready, all you need to do is work on expressive writing, keeping the structure in mind. architecture essay writing

Architecture Essay Introduction

Start your essay with an introduction. Keep it down to one paragraph – five or six sentences explaining the zest of your architecture essay in a simple yet attractive way to keep readers in for more. Since the essay would be just showing what you researched, the introductory part is the one that is yours to impress your evaluators. You can be free in your methods to create the needed impact. In his preface to An Essay on Architecture, Laugier demonstrates a great example of an introduction with a personal message. Impress right at the beginning and lead the readers further.

Build the Essay Body

The formula is simple: start each passage with one of your research points. Then go on to provide the necessary supporting statements to persuade the readers. And keep in mind that arguments that you are building your paragraphs on should add up into a foundation for your thesis. While the research is in the center of the academic essay on architecture, your original thoughts are welcome to be incorporated. It is an excellent way to declare about yourself and make your essay stand out. This point is tricky, and some students even get the whole piece written by professionals based on the research they did. The body of your architecture essay should not only highlight your technical knowledge and ability to do quality research but also your capacity as a writer to present your knowledge in a coherent manner and explicit language. Sometimes, it can be difficult to do it, that is why getting help in editing your essay might be a good idea.


The conclusion of your essay is as essential as the introduction. Here is the point where you need to provide a strong and solid restatement of your thesis, using personal insight, remarks, emotions, reminding the reader of the best points mentioned in the body, and summing up into a persuasive argument. The conclusion should have a strong appeal that would linger in the minds for some time after reading it. Do not underestimate the influence of an excellent final act on the amount of applause you get.


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