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How to Write an Academic Essay [Writing Tips for Students]

14 December 2021 0 comment
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Nobody says that college or university life is easy. While some people believe that students have the best time of their life, it’s often far from being true. In fact, the number of academic essay assignments given to students is huge. Apart from their regular studies, many college and university students have to have a side gig as well to pay for their tuition. As a result, it can be rather challenging to cope with all the tasks and duties. If you aren’t sure how to start an academic essay or don’t know anything about academic essay writing, the following guide is right for you. 

How to Write an Academic Essay

You can probably find an academic essay example on the Internet but you need to understand that there are many different types of such tasks. Depending on your subject, level, and other requirements, you may need a different academic essay sample. In this article, we are going to share with you how to write academic essay of various types as well as tell you the best academic essay writing tips. So, whatever type of assignment you were given, our guide can help you craft an outstanding paper. 

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How to Write an Academic Essay UK in Three Stages

Academic essay example 1500 words may vary from an essay on 600 words but they all have the same target: the aim of academic phrases for essay writing is to convince readers of a perspective or position through informed arguments. You can be assigned various numbers of academic words for essay but there are three main stages in this task:

#1 Preparation. In this stage, you should determine the topic of writing an academic essay (covid essay or essay about autumn), conduct research, and craft an academic essay outline template.

#2 Writing. In this part, you should think about an academic essay introduction that will attract the readers’ attention, present enough evidence in the main paragraphs, and summarize everything in the conclusion. We will talk about how to write an academic essay introduction, main body, and conclusion in this guide as well.

#3 Revision. It’s also important to know how to structure an academic essay. Make sure you eliminate all the mistakes, misspellings, and choose the right format.

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Types of Academic Essays

  • An academic reflective essay is another widespread academic essay format common for college and high school students. Writers need to express their emotions and thoughts about particular events. You should learn how to write an introduction for an academic essay as it’s essential to craft an impressive beginning to hook the readers. Also, this paper is aimed at showing your critical thinking skills and the ability to express your point of view on a topic you’ve chosen yourself or the one that was assigned to you by the lecturer. 
  • Academic scholarship essay gives students an opportunity to showcase their major strengths and describe to the admission committee why they deserve to win this scholarship. It is essential to know what is an academic essay in order to create an outstanding paper from scratch. Think about things and events that you are most proud of, demonstrate your achievements, and persuade the readers to select you among other applicants.  
  • An academic argument essay is a type of paper in which a writer should convince readers to support their opinion about a certain topic by providing evidence and reasons to support it. This assignment is often given to students at college and high school. You can find an example of academic writing essay on the web to get an idea of how you should craft your own paper. Typically, students are given topics related to technology, science, health care, or politics as argumentative academic essay examples. 
  • An academic narrative essay is usually built around a particular situation. How to write a good academic essay example of academic essay if it is narrative? You need to craft a short narrative novel in other words. Hence, you should tell a story that can be interesting and compelling. This is a great opportunity to use your imagination and be more creative than with other essay types when you need to utilize certain academic essay phrases.
  • An academic autobiography essay is another academic writing sample essay necessary to write reflectively about student’s degrees as well as about the credits that fulfilled their General Education demands. You can describe your credentials and tell readers about your future education and career goals. Make sure you brainstorm ideas first to choose the most relevant and important information you want to share.
  • A persuasive academic essay differs from other academic essay writing examples. In this paper, students need to select their position and choose the side they are going to advocate. After that, they need to do their research and make sure they present enough evidence and arguments to support their position and make readers convinced that this position is right. A strong argument and rhetorical questions can help you make a better academic essay writing structure.

Main Parts of Structure of Academic Essay

Whatever type of paper you are assigned, you need to stick to three main parts: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. If you fail to include any of these parts in your academic essay writing structure, you won’t get the highest grades and your work may not even be accepted. 

So, here are some tips on how to master this document with no effort:

  • Introduction – a sample academic essay from the Internet or a reputable writing company can help you understand how to write the introduction. It is really important to master this part and to grab the reader’s attention with the first sentences. It can often define the future of your paper and your overall grades. Make certain the introduction part comprises about 10-20% of the whole text. Begin with a question or quote to hook the readers.
  • Main Body – this is the part where you should present and analyze all the data and sources you’ve found to support your idea. Provide proofs, support your thesis statement, and develop your thoughts in well-structured sentences. This main part usually comprises about 60-80% of the whole paper.
  • Conclusion – a strong academic essay conclusion should be quite short and comprise about 10-15% of the whole document. This is your chance to paraphrase the thesis statement, highlight its significance, and provide connections between everything you’ve mentioned in the main body.

All in all, crafting this academic assignment isn’t the easiest task. Some students write such papers on their own, while others turn to a professional academic writing service. Whatever way you choose, the above-mentioned tips will be helpful for you to understand how to craft an impressive top-notch paper.


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