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How to Craft an Impressive 500 Word Essay

11 June 2021 0 comment
500 word essay

Were you assigned to create a 500 word essay? Do you feel this is a rather challenging task you are about to write? What if you have no idea what to include in it? It may seem daunting at first but learning the basic rules of crafting this type of paper and having a 500 word essay example at hand can help significantly and let you use your creativity. Let’s get some insight into the best tips on how to write a 500 word essay and turn this task into an opportunity to share your thoughts and get some academic practice.

What Does a 500 Word Essay Look Like?

So, what exactly this academic assignment means. Students are often assigned to craft a 500 words essay during their study at college. It can be a rhetorical analysis essay or any other type, but there is a limit for words. Also, some scholarships ask for this paper which can be beneficial and help with your tuition. Therefore, this is a widespread document that demonstrates your thoughts, opinions, as well as argument.

There is no strict definition of a 500 word essay sample, so it pays to be responsible and talk to your lecturer about the requirements and rules. When you know exactly what you are expected to write it’s much easier to define how to structure and plan the whole writing process. You don’t need to have excellent writing skills as this is not the longest academic assignment. But you need to concentrate on special requirements and know what type of paper you are going to write – whether it’s a 500 word essay on why I want to be a nurse or a 500 word essay on the respect that includes analysis and narration.

500 Word Essay template

How Long Is a 500 Word Essay?

The majority of smaller essays like this have a similar format. The 500 word essay length speaks for itself. Unless you were advised to craft “at least a 500 word essay” pages can be counted according to the basic rules. Otherwise, you may be asked to submit a paper with more words but you should consult with your professor about it.

How long is 500 word essay? It should consist of several paragraphs that contain between 3 and 5 sentences and are about 8-125 words long. If the special remarks and requirements about how many pages is a 500 word essay aren’t specified in the description of this task, students should stick to basic rules. You can craft a paper of about 500 words; it may be slightly longer or a bit shorter.

How Long Does It Take to Write a 500 Word Essay?

Once a student knows the topic and understands what he or she should write about, it is much easier to start doing the writing part. It may take a few hours to learn some rules and strategies crafting this type of college assignment. Then it depends on the students and their writing abilities. If you feel you have a lack of relevant knowledge or skills, you may turn to professional essay writing services. There you can get qualified help from experienced writers. They will be able to craft an outstanding 500 word essay on integrity or an impressive 500 word essay on leadership.

500 Word Essay Format

Now that you already know a 500 word essay is how many pages. It’s time to cover one of the most significant aspects of academic paper writing. There are plenty of samples available on the Internet. So if you review them you will notice they all have a similar 500 word essay outline. The format of this document should consist of three main parts:

  • The introduction of a 500 word essay about myself or any other assignment should contain a thesis statement and be thought-provoking. You may think about a certain quote or a question you will answer later in your paper. Write about 100 words that will announce what you are going to tell the readers about and why they should be interested in it. Try to stay concentrated and engaging.
  • The main part of your 500 word essay scholarships asks for consists of three to five body paragraphs. Here a student is advised to provide several examples proving their thesis statement or giving evidence and arguments supporting their idea. Each body paragraph needs to explain a new thought or give new description/argument/evidence.
  • The conclusion is mainly a short summary of what you have discussed in your example of 500 word essay. You may restate the thesis statement or summarize the facts and ideas that you’ve described in the body paragraphs. Leave about 100 words for this part as well.

Extra Essay Writing Tricks

Each school or lecturer may have different requirements concerning how the 500 word essay examples should look like. Here are some additional tips from expert writers on how to craft a killer 500 word essay on the importance of being on time, essay about yourself, or any other topic.

Stick to traditional double spacing and use Times New Roman 12 font that is accepted by any college or scholarship. Double spacing will also help to make your assignment easy-to-read.

Moreover, consider creating an outline before you start writing the actual college application essay examples. 500 words is more than enough in most cases. The outline will serve as your plan. So that it will be easier to think about the number of words to allocate to each paragraph. Finally, don’t forget to proofread the final paper or ask a friend of yours to review and reread it. Remember to check the document for plagiarism so that it’s accepted by your college.

Follow these simple rules and craft a persuasive essay.


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