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Write a 200 or 750 Word Essay: Top Tips and Short Guide

11 June 2021 0 comment
200-750 word essay

Short texts are a common task in colleges and schools. It seems that a couple of paragraphs are easier than a large paper. But is it so?

Limits in a 750-word essay often become an additional obstacle. Tracking them, you cannot focus on the issue. To manage the job perfectly, you should now all particularities and be well-prepared. See how to deal with the task on your own.

Advice to Write Small Essays

  • Limited Volume

Hard to answer, how long is a 400, 600, or 750-word essay. It depends on the length, font, and other details. Nevertheless, there are plenty of resources that count an approximate result. There you can see how many pages is a 600-750 word essay of the particular formatting. Still, do not dwell on this aspect too much. You better write the text freely and then adapt it to norms.

  • Less Creativity, More Structure

Since you have a little space for creativity, the text should be well-structured and plain. Only so you’ll put all the necessary information. Change your approach – instead of fantasy, use an analytical mindset. Even writing on personal topics, express your opinion logically. Use short sentences to avoid grammar mistakes. Put as much as possible in every sentence.

  • Specific Topic

There is no space for ground researches. Surely, you still are to be prepared, but the accent should be made on subjective opinion. Choose specific issues you can explain in a few sentences – for instance, describe yourself in 200 words essay. Time management or other parts of daily life are also possible.

  • Brevity

Small texts are provided to check your skills in expressing opinions. Putting a deep sense in a short sentence is a kind of art, much harder than eloquence. Moreover, it proves that you didn’t cheat. Even if you found a sample on the Internet, it should be shortened without changes in context.

That is why so many students wonder, how to write a 200-word essay about myself or 500 word who am I essay? The example usually contains at least one-two pages, so you cannot fully rely on it.

  • Bright Arguments

Choosing ambiguous phrases, you take much space to explain and prove them. It is better to seem banal but pick easy arguments. Do not mix essays with creative writing. The central goal is to show good structure and proof. However, it would be difficult to impress readers with 3-4 paragraphs.

Turn to a widespread topic or event, talk about what you are expected to. Remember about the purpose of the task.

200 words essay

Main Elements of 200-750 Words Essays

The matter of structure is even more essential in short compositions. Without it, you’ll mix the information and write many extra details. Keeping the structure, keep in mind the limits you have. 400 and 750 words essay of the same topic appear to be completely different because different size allows to include more or fewer elements. Here is the basic part you have to use:

  • Introduction

The outline should be laconic and keep all rules. Give one general sentence and a thesis – your attitude to the issue.

  • Body

The body includes an explanation of your point of view. Keep it simple and reasoned to avoid mistakes. For example, 400 word essay sample can offer several arguments, mixed with stories and illustrations. In fact, so much information looks inappropriate and mixed up. Use one bright argument and prove it with evidence.

  • Conclusion

Provide not more than 2 sentences, leaving more space for the main part. Give a summary of the topic and your position.

Step-by Step Guide to Write Any Essay From 200 to 750 Words

A good plan is a key to success. Use your time wisely by following these instructions.

#1 Specify All Requirements

Academic tasks usually have several rules that vary from one composition to another. The structure or volume may be different. For example, in a 600 word essay, 500-750 words may be acceptable, but the larger text will be reduced. Another issue is vocabulary, slang, and abbreviations.

It is better to ask additional questions than a waste of time because of misunderstanding.

#2 Look Through Examples

Inspiration and assistance of other students don’t count as cheating. Try to find compositions of the same size. It is hard to imagine, what does a 600 word essay looks like. An example of the approximate volume is a good indicator. This way you see not only the whole size, but the allocation of particular paragraphs.

#3 Plan Your Time

Time allocation is a common mistake. Students believe that there are fixed terms for every job and search for related questions. For example, how long should it take to write a 750 word essay? It all depends on the difficulty and your skills. Somebody can write even 1000 word essay in 2 hours.

The only tip here is to limit yourself with deadlines. We tend to stretch time until there are no strict rules. Give yourself a couple of hours and see how fast you can work.

#4 Do a Research

Create a plan for your composition and look at what information do you need. Check all data and make notes to be fully focused on the process of writing. Remember that deep scientific data is unnecessary here. Pick some interesting facts or easy statistics. If the topic is personal, you can avoid even such a procedure.

#5 Be Focused

Try not to distract during the process. Better create a short plan beforehand and concentrate only on the formulating. Use your vocabulary to avoid tautology and stuffing – such trouble is more probable in short compositions. Then, reread and check the text to fix all problems.

Small texts are one of the hardest to write – you need to track every single sentence and put as much sense as possible. Most people care only about the volume. You may wonder how long is 200 word essay, or how much time is needed to manage it. But in truth, the quality is equally important. Practice your skills and be aware of the main rules to achieve success.


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